January 31, 2015

Lord Christopher Monckton - Climate Change is Really a Basis for jew Control



Unknown said...

Did he really say "jew control"? You have to stop doing that whooli. It's misleading at best.

Christopher Marlowe said...

It's a very good interview once you get past the Hitler stuff at the beginning. Lord Moncton is very knowledgable on the subject, and I agree that the people advocating global climate change are essentially communists. Just near the beginning, Moncton has to switch horses and start calling them "totalitarians" so that he can make the labored Hitler comparison.

As Moncton says, people don't want to hear about communists because they have all been brainwashed with the anti-McCarthy propaganda. I reckon Moncton uses Hitler because he is the one that we have already been trained to hate.