January 29, 2015

The Real World of Money with Andrew Gause 2015.01.28

Hunker Down and Prepare for Deep Doo-Doo

-Marshall Law: Andrew talks curfews during the snowstorm in the NE
-The Constitution no longer applies today; the velvet glove has been removed. Andy warns to hunker down and prepare for the loss of freedom
-The technology that exists to be able to scan a crowd to see who’s carrying large amounts of cash: Welcome to George Orwell’s world
-Tapping into your IRA when you really need it
-Currency wars; Worldwide inflation; the over printing of currency; the worst thing that can befall a currency
-How do you really measure inflation? Hint: Don’t let falling prices fool you. Andrew explains
-Andrew explains SWIFT
-Is there any evidence that QE increase employment?
-Weiss Research is forecasting that interest rates will increase and Jan 28th will be an economic shock to the US. What does Andrew think of this?
-Using debt as a blessing
-The seed money for Google came from the CIA. Why? It’s no secret
-What is a reverse mortgage and how your aging parents can benefit
-How would Andrew change public schools
-Is there a way to invest funds contained in IRA’s, 401K’s into precious metals?

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