January 28, 2015

Truth Hertz with Charles Giuliani 2015.01.28

The Hashashin and the Ninjas - more Jewish supremacist creations

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Anonymous said...

Unless someone heard some additional information, I heard Charlie claim that the Hashashin were created by Jewish supremacists based only on the circumstantial and non-specific evidence that they had some connections with the Knights Templar (which he said was Jewish supremacist created), that they were created around the same time, and that the earliest guy to document them was a Jew.

That's pretty scanty evidence, if you can even call it that, compared to all the evidence he has cited when making his case about the Bible, or even about elite Jews being the primary force behind the Iraq War, to mention a recent example.

Unknown said...

I agree faux - CG needs to at say where this info comes from. Easy to say so and so is a jew was created by jews. Perhaps you should call in with your concerns.

Hope you do.

Unknown said...

He also said the pirate Henry Morgan was jew - most sources say he was welsh - certainly Morgan is a welsh name.

xtiml said...

well the jews have infiltrated every govt almost in unoticible ways such as ataturk in turkey,they ran mao,through masonry they did the mexican revolutios that never ever did nything foir th4e people(not much)the hand in the french revo,their hands on your daughters nether regions,certain types of people can allways be swayd with riches so ninjasx and hashishans are a side issuesurprising the thugees jewsih invention i had no idea where is proof of thzt then duh.,anyways the jews are the overwhelming malicious malodorous anti earth and everything on today and yesterrday.

Anonymous said...

CG jumped the shark a while ago when he said Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo were jews with let's say, some very loose reasoning.

So I guess, if you or your family has ever had contact or done business with jews--then YOU just might be a secret jew creation!

foon1e said...

Hardly jumping any sharks with evidence like this to go to:
the important Italian Newspaper, Corriere della Sera of October 1, 2000.

“Recent research maintains,” the article begins, “that the maestro of Vinci was born of a Jewess who stemmed from Russia.” The article states that whereas the theory that Leonardo’s mother was a Tuscan countrywoman remains valid, new evidence opens the additional option that Leonardo’s mother was, in fact, a Jewish slave. It was noted, emphasizes the article, that the name of Leonardo’s mother, Caterina, always given with no other identification, carried the impression of a simple countrywoman or domestic, if not actually a sort of slave, “probably Jewish of provenance Russia, as was then common in the rural districts.”

Regardless of the fact he was baptised a "Roman Catholic",he rejected Catholicism and Christianity in general all his life.The simple fact his Mother was Jewish makes him a Jew by lineage. Crypto or Marrano might be a better way to describe him.

Anonymous said...

Foon1e, look up "Who was Da Vinci's mother?" and every man and his dog is claiming some theory... including that she was a Chinese woman.

The only research that actually brings "facts" into play-
Suggests a possible mid-eastern, Arabic descent.

And no need to tell me of the "importance" of Corriere della Sera. Just another rag like Daily Mail or New York times.

foon1e said...

Middle eastern?...meaning Jew? Lots of them about around those times...and since when is some online shop selling art tat a better source than an accredited researcher and author like in that newspaper article?
Methinks the towering intellect that is Igodom has his panties in a bunch ;)
I'd take what Charlie is saying over some anonymous armchair historian anyday.

Anonymous said...

No need for me to argue here. I'll let the jury decide on the compelling evidence put forward.

I wonder in what way Leonardo was acting as a "jew bastard" though. Should be obvious.