January 28, 2015

Did Mr. Shepherd Smith Just Get "Uppity" With A Chosenite???? by Frederick C. Blackburn, aka "Blackbird-9"

Am I mistaken . .. or did Mr. Shepherd Smith of Fox News just get “Uppity” with closet Jewish Supremacist and Zionist 5th Columnist Chris Wallace??? . . . lol  [See Video of the Wallace/ Smith Exchange Here]
@2:55 Mr. Shepherd Smith tests the Zionist “3rd Rail” by bringing up the Illegal Settlements in Palestine by the Israels . . then finishes it with the “Apparently Bibi does not WANT a 2 State Solution” card
To which, the obviously shocked Jew, Chris Wallace basically replies . . . “But, but, but . . . let’s shift the conversation away from that and talk about Iran” . ..
@3:37 Chris Wallace apparently tries to play the “BIG LIE” card of “Iranian Leaders have threatened to wipe Israel Off The Map” . . .
. . .. another “Jew Classic” from Rita Katz and SITE/MEMRI that these Zionist 5th Columnists just keep on repeating no matter how many times we “PROVE” that it was a deliberate mistranslation.
. .. but what comes out sounds more like a “Freudian Slip” .. . “Israel-ranian Leaders have threatened to wipe Iran off the face of the Earth”
And suddenly . .. we’re talking “cook books” for rest of the time slot. . . with some very obvious “attitude” coming from Mr. Shephard Smith . . . maybe even a little “Southern Boy Pride” in there if I’m not mistaken . . . lol
too funny. :)

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Christopher Marlowe said...

Shep Smith is apparently a fag.