February 16, 2015


Americans, the broad mass of them, simply do not know what is happening in Ukraine or in Syria or in Palestine or in a score of other places under assault by America’s establishment, its de facto, ongoing, non-elected government. Those place names are mentioned of course, and regularly, and various interviews are conducted, and maps and charts are shown, but the careful listener or reader will see that none of what is offered is genuinely informative, all of it serving to build one pre-determined idea of events, many of the words resembling the kind of one-liners politicians repeat over and over in America’s literally content-free political campaigns. We see many bits and pieces of seeming information, but they are all just pieces taken from the same jig-saw puzzle, capable only of being assembled in one way.
Americans also have very little idea of the nature of the men who are the actors in these various places, America’s press and networks virtually never granting or soliciting the insights of foreign leaders and representatives not already toeing the American line. Thoughtful foreign leaders generally are only seen through brief images and highly-colored descriptions.
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Noor al Haqiqa said...

An extremely eloquent political person returned from a trip abroad recently and informed me that America is finished. Nothing new, we had discussed this often.

But why did he repeat this? Because he found, during his travels, that people around the world are generally much more aware of what is going on AND able to string together thoughts! He was, alas, not being funny....

Disinformation, dumbing down, all the techniques used are truly showing the results they were intended to produce ~ a generally mindless populace easily swayed and even more easily plundered unto death.