February 16, 2015

Valkyrie Underground 2015.02.09

Christ Insanity with Charles Giuliani

UrbanJungleGirl and Charles Giuliani discuss christ insanity and its far reaching tentacles. And who are those wacky jews?

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steve said...

My theory on why christianity is promoted so much in certain jew-wise segments of the "alternative media" is that it's out of desperation.

Jews can't get away with pushing holocaust fables, aliens, reptilians, illuminati, 4th Reich germanic death cult nonsense, etc in a place like this. All they have left is the jewish program of christianity.

Pushing christianity also serves another purpose. It repels the educated, intelligent people who may stumble upon our research.

Any successful person who holds
an advanced degree or has a particular talent that sets them apart will run into the jewish problem at some point in their life. Those people are exactly the type we need to form alliances with.

If their research leads them to a community like this and we have jew trolls and retards talking about a jewess having a virgin birth to a rabbi who rose from the dead, he or she may never come back.

Unknown said...

Oh please. If someone is Christian and they see you guys bashing it all the time, they might never come back.

If I'm willing to fight next to you on the battlefield, WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE IF I AM A CHRISTIAN???

Get your priorities straight.

Anonymous said...

1h5m in, Charles and the host expressed concern about religious fundamentalists taking over America.

Don't worry, there's a zero chance of that, just as there's a zero chance of Shariah law taking over America, so long as Jewish supremacists reign supreme in the U.S., as they have since the 1960s, when they finally took effective control over the culture and political system.

The period between 1945 and the 1960s was a battleground between the Christian majority and Jewish subversive elite, with the top second wave feminists like Betty Freidan, Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem, to the Israeli attack against the U.S.S. Liberty and the treason of the gentile President Johnson and gentile John McCain Sr., to the prayer in school case of Engel v. Vitale that Wikipedia even admits was promoted largely by Jewish groups, to the rise of the welfare state that disproportionately and forcefully took money from the White majority and gave it to Blacks and, now, increasingly, Hispanics, to so-called academics like Noel Ignatiev and Susan Sontag, who called for war against whiteness, to the ending of the Hollywood code that was accepted under duress by Jewish movie company owners after intense Catholic lobbying, because the Protestants weren't able to pull protect the rest of the Christian majority.

So don't worry, Charlie, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and their ilk are only used to discredit Christianity as extremist in the eyes of most Americans, and to give Christian evangelicals a false hope of revival, and to promote Zionism and Jewish pre-eminence among all of God's creations.

Anonymous said...

At 1h26m, David Icke's claims about reptilians running the world was raised.

Icke is definitely not sincere in that belief, as was revealed in the documentary, David Icke, the Lizards and the Jews, where he said he had people coming to him saying they had seen people shape shift into reptilians and he thought it was all quite fanciful, and he gave no indication that he started promoting that theory for any other reason than more people telling him about it, and because of his own opportunism.

I have no evidence that he is wilfully acting as controlled opposition, but he is effectively acting as such, and is not sincere at all, and of course it muddies the waters to talk about shape-shifting reptilians.

Also, the fact that he has been repeatedly invited onto Coast to Coast AM (after Art Bell, with George Noory as a total stooge of the Jewish Zionist controllers at C2CAM0, and a regular on "Arabs own Hollywood" Alex Jones' show, what more evidence do you need?



Charlie also mentioned the 1988 movie, They Live, where Jews as aliens was clearly used as a metaphor, but just like the David Icke reptilian claims, that movie served to discredit the reality of Jewish power and elite Jewish control by making them out to be literal aliens and having the main character, Roddy Piper, shoot them just for being what they are, as opposed to doing so whenever they became physically hostile to him, and trivializing things for saying the otherwise funny, "I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. And I'm all out of bubble gum."

Some have said that the producer of that movie was doing a service, but I suspect it was put out to deliberately muddy the waters and poke fun at those of us who knew or have since figured out what has been going on.

Anonymous said...

As for Charlie's repeated claim of Martin Luther being a Jewish supremacist creation, I haven't heard him cite any evidence for that aside from saying he was a Rosicrucian and he wrote over-the-top statements against Jews.

Which of the 95 theses would Charles take exception with? Surely if Luther was controlled opposition, there would be problems with at least some of those theses. I read a bunch of them years ago and the ones I read all seemed reasonable to me.

For sure there were elite Jews who supported the Protestant rift in Christianity, but where is the evidence that Luther was working for them from day one? Being a Rosicrucian doesn't mean you are automatically a bad guy, in the same way that being a Freemason doesn't mean you're a bad guy, as the blood oath that most of them take means nothing to them, just like nearly every member of Congress who takes an oath to the Constitution.

WV Foundations said...

Charlie is 100 percent wrong regarding Martin Luther. Charlie and most others who have an obsession with Christianity stems most likely from personal issues. With that said, Charlie is outstanding on the Jewish problem. Charlie has an affinity for the Red Man, interestingly most Red men are either Roman Catholics or Morman today and have benefited far more from the Church in terms of actual services than from Casinos. See you get it all at ANN :)but above all, we all agree, NO JEWS.