Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Corporate Media Claim of ''Alawite Regime'' In Syria Debunked

This list itself should go great lengths to dispel the myth peddled by mainstream and even “independent” media organizations that the Syrian government is nothing more than an “Alawite regime.” Indeed, the truth is that the Syrian government was never based on any religion and neither was modern Syrian society. Assad entered into power as a reformer and has subsequently become the single most effective and formidable fighter against ISIS in the world today.

The corporate media knows all of this and has known since the beginning of the Syrian crisis but it refused to tell any of this information to its audiences. The corporate media knew from the beginning that the United States and NATO were responsible for arming, funding, directing, and training al-Qaeda and ISIS militants. That, too, it neglected to pass on to its readers. This was not incompetence, it was willful subversion of the intellect.

The Western corporate media has proven its worth time and time again. Of course, its worth is only to the governments that use it as their mouthpiece, international banks, and major corporations. To those players, the corporate media apparatus is invaluable because it carries with it the minds of the vast majority.           ***Read full article here***

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