July 29, 2015

Canada is a Tinpot Dictatorship



BillyBob said...

James Corbett, has produced such a namby pamby video about Canada, it's laughable. Then again Mr. Corbett and his association with "Tragedy and Hope INC" is also very laughable. The President of the Tragedy and Hope Community "Richard Andrew Grove" has been outed in this article by Clint Richardson: https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2015/07/18/spin-job-the-odd-case-of-richard-andrew-grove/ Mr. Corbett is a very large part of Tragedy & Hope and his "journalistic skills" are found sadly lacking in this Radio Show about the above article: http://www.gnosticmedia.com/RBN_016

Anonymous said...

The title of Corbett's video is inaccurate, as Canada can't be called a dictatorship when he's referring to a bylaw passed by an elected municipal council under the authority of provincial legislation, which is authorized by the Canadian Constitution.

He talked about a Muslim group behind some Human Rights Code hate crime complaints before the provision was scrapped by the Conservatives in 2013, but what he doesn't talk about is how that was done for Zionist political reasons, because the provisions that were initially intended to muzzle speech against Zionists and the Jewish mafia was suddenly being used by an unintended group, organized Muslims against Zionists, and that's why the Harper Conservatives removed those provisions.

And he referred to the criminal hate crime provisions that still exist in the Criminal Code, but again, they were introduced by the same usual suspects for the same purpose as the civil sanctions, with Ezra Levant himself admitting that organized Jewish groups hyped up a fake neo-Nazi threat in order to push through those provisions in the Criminal Code.

Perhaps because Corbett's an anarchist, he views any sort of government as a dictatorship, but I would say that's not even accurate when you have so many people buying into the notion of redistributive government that can violate rights in the name of the public interest, and where even those like myself calling for limited government specifically for the purpose of protecting rights, are such a small number.