July 29, 2015

U.S. grants parole to jailed Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard



Unknown said...

The "US" didn't let Pollard out of jail...the Israeli-controlled US let him out.
We have new Kings and Barons....sellout Goyim and Rich Jews.
Judaism is NOT a religion but a global crime syndicate posing as a religion.

Christopher Marlowe said...


xtiml said...

yes usa is a JOG jewish occupied country, as opposed to a zog, it is better to go with JOG since people are so dense and defensive when you tell them just what they have been and are up to, One woman with supreme confidence told me well the jewish lady gave my daughter a medal she had worn and survived the death camps,she said she was a generational witch and i told her she doesnt even recognize the spell the jew bitch put on her and her daughter.walls of concrete and blindness zig zagging through minds.smug in their belief of the jewish spells cast on them.smirking in their regard at the idiot xiansd which they are just as empty skulled as, how is that for twisted,fake flowery english syntax sentence construction..?

xtiml said...

its that damned kaminsky stylization kinda.