July 30, 2015

False Flag Weekly News with Kevin Barrett and Jim Fetzer 2015.07.30

It’s a False Flag World Out There

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Unknown said...

Oh dear - Fetzer and many others has trotted out the Jefferson quote - first by inflation then by deflation - w/o researching these terms' etymology

Jefferson was dead before either inflation or deflation was recorded as used in the sense conveyed in the quote.

Anonymous said...

When I look at Fetzer with the "they live" glasses, on his forehead reads, "HOAX".

Unknown said...

Who else can deliver so much information in 56 minutes?

There's a glitch at the 47 minute mark. Audio fails and won't come back until you press pause then play again.

Went to archive.org, downloaded from there and it's OK.

I'll be downloading the video of this because it was that good.

Jim Fetzer, if you read this, all of your last 10-15 MP3s at the "Real Deal" are not active, something wrong with them.

Amanda said...

This is definitely packed with info, but I could have done without the cow eyeball story!! Show notes are posted here http://noliesradio.org/archives/102000

Anonymous said...

Thanks for drawing that to my attention, Ilya. Here is an article I wrote about it back in 2009. http://fauxcapitalist.com/2009/10/28/what-thomas-jefferson-said-about-private-banks/

Unfortunately, Austrian School of Economics devotees like Tom Woods and Gary North have made hay out of these various false quotes to try to justify Austrian bankster economics as opposed to usury-free local, regional and government-issued currencies (only for limited and legitimate government services).

Looks like I should get on Fetzer's show again to correct the record.