July 30, 2015

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.07.29

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Anonymous said...

The OJ Simpson case was so pervasive, even my 98% White high school in Midland, Canada showed the verdict on the big screen in the cafetorium, for those of us who were allowed to leave our classes.

It shocked me back then, how so many students cheered the verdict, despite there being no racial consciousness, and I counted myself as one who viewed OJ as "guilty as hell," as Sports Radio AM 640 co-host, Jim "Shaky" Hunt had said on air.

Thanks to the late Dr. Stan Monteith, I came across the work of William Dear, who wrote the book, OJ is Guilty, But Not of Murder.

Dear made a pretty compelling case that Simpson's son, Jason Simpson, was the killer. I was led to believe during the trial that there was a trail of OJ's blood all over the place from OJ to the Bronco and to his house, but that is apparently not the case.

While Simpson acted like a guilty person with the Bronco chase and being so despondent at his initial plea hearing, and most importantly, with his outrageously-titled book, If I Did It, there was something that always stuck in my mind that didn't fit with the mindset of a guilty person, and that was a plane passenger saying that he seemed completely relaxed when he saw Simpson on the plane, and asked for an autograph.

It's that situation that led me to give more credence to Dear's contention that Simpson's son did it, and explains why Simpson would look so damn guilty, yet cover up for his son. Simpson certainly had a reason to cover for his son, besides the blood relation, with Chris Rock driving the point home of "I'm not saying he's guilty... but I understand!"

Since then, I have heard talk of the incident being completely contrived as a media event from the beginning, with Nicole Simpson not actually being murdered, but I find that to be completely unlikely, as the case differs in important ways from White/Black cases that look suspicious, as the jury was mostly Black, and they originally intended it as a sympathy case of women jurors for a woman victim, plus the whole MO of later suspicious cases is to always portray Blacks as victims.

Regarding Bailey, he did a great job in defending his client, as one should suspect. And Fuhrman did indeed commit perjury, but it was a joke how the evidence they used in portraying him as a lying racist was actually from a movie script. And even if he was a lying racist, I thought it was so ridiculous to make the leap that the glove was planted by Fuhrman when there was all the other evidence that seemed to be consistent with Simpson (OJ or his son) having done it.

Unknown said...

f.lee baily stated that lincoln, roosenvelt and barry were great presidents.

Anonymous said...

What would be the motive for killing Nicole by the son? Are you thinking OJ had his son do the murder? Or did the son act on his own.

Anonymous said...

Dear explains how Jason Simpson had mental problems and could leap into fits of uncontrollable rage. From what I remember, the police never really checked out the Jason Simpson lead, which involved him not having an alibi.

Amanda said...

MCP once mentioned this on his show (sounded like he might have read the book). Apparently the son had a history of knife violence, psych/rage problems and possibly worked in the area as a chef