July 27, 2015

No Agenda Episode 742 - "A.Q. in the Maghrim" - 2015.07.26

TODAY; PR; Self Esteem Movement; CYBER!; Lone Woofs; Trump; Trains Good Planes Bad; Vaccine$; BlackLivesMatter; Elite$; Bank$ters; War on Crazy; NA-Tech News; Agenda 21; Out There, and all your usual listening whilst some rabid Hitler Fans froth at the mouth whilst trying to hide the FACT that their beloved Furher ran away and hid like a little bitch Favourites.

The Sunday Show




BillyBob said...

These guys are clueless! I can't listen to them for more than 10 minutes. They bring up "Black People Matter".. and curry finally admits that Soros funds them.. but then they ask 10 times.. why would Soros fund them.. is He a Communist? Earlier they brought up Alan Dershowitz and claim: "He's just a Law Professor at Harvard" .. both Soros and Dershowitz are fanning the race flames.. and they can't understand why? Could it possibly be the "Race" that Soros and Dershowitz are from.. benefit from "divide & conquer"? How can they possibly get people to send them $$, they are hiding so much! And they think Derky is just a Law Professor: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/07/us/alan-dershowitz-denies-allegations-of-sex-with-minor.html?_r=0 How do these 2 even have a Podcast? There is so much "misdirection" with all of their stories?

BillyBob said...

They even surmise that Russia is behind Soros funding BPM! Give me a Break!