July 26, 2015

Dr. Strangelove - Survival Plan

The concepts of underground military bases, Operation Paperclip and computer driven decisions were revealed by Kubrick back in 1964, neatly protected under the veil of humor.

'Mein F├╝hrer I can walk!!'


Thugnacious said...

Kubrick movies also have always the theme of child abuse and NWO symbols, I really think he got killed for Eyes Wide Shut.

Scorpio said...

Quite possibly true - in fact, he died while editing the movie. Quite a bit of ritual footage was supposedly removed after his death. Also, EWS couldn't hide under the veil of humor either.

Christopher Marlowe said...

I love this movie.

Did you ever hear the conspiracy theory that Kubrick faked his death so that he could work on faking 9/11?

Scorpio said...

No, I have never heard that theory but it sounds quite dubious given that his last film was all about exposing the strange rituals, human sacrifice and pedophilia of the elite. Besides, several of his movies had an anti-war/military industrial complex themes to them. Why would he help provide evidence to predicate a totally unnecessary war? Apparently, in his later years he became quite 'paranoid' and obsessed with security and privacy. My guess is that he knew he was a marked man if he indeed helped film the moon landing footage. (There is no way to know if that is actually true, although I give it more credence than the 911 theory).