July 26, 2015

"JJ" Jimmie Walker: Everybody knew of Bill Cosby's 'propensity'



Nona said...

Cosby. What a distraction from the REAL happenings.

And anyway, Cosby is a small fry, compared to the REAL horrors going on n England - the crimes committed by the rulers, PMs, Elite, the clerics, against little children.

THe cover-up of pedophilia, and often, the murder of the child, either for a satanic ritual and or to keep the child from revealing the crimes.Horrors covered up for so long.

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

1:50 JJ:- "if you look at uh your buddy over on CNN , Anderson Cooper"

2:00 Shep:-"i want tot go back to the story at hand"

haha did he just throw a discreet dig at sheppard Smith , outing him as a homo? , cooper and shep are both gay

Zeetip said...

I wasn't aware Shep was gay; is that "official", like with Gloria Vanderbilt's CIA boy, ACooper? Hell, they're all kosher cock holsters, at that "national marquee name news presenter/whore" level... ditto every joowywood household name, TV, movies, music... adults & minors alike.

Either case; Shep's self righteous faux-outrage act at the very end made me wonder, what skeletons has he got in his closet which would have honorable people demanding he be thrown under the jail?

Has O'Reilly done similar "Cosby's an outrage!" acts? Recall around a decade ago, O'Reilly made a big out-of-court settlement payment to a former FAUX News lady, who BO had made numerous sexually harassing phone calls to? She had some of them on tape. Settlement amount was undisclosed, and the story was promptly disappeared. Startpage search it...

Negentropic said...

@"He fucking drugged and raped women without their consent. Straight to life in prison he should go. Fuck off, negro."

Says who? Your darling Jew Media? The protectors of "European" culture and dignity? lol

And you believe them and their disgusting three-ring-circus because it agrees with your racist views? Views that Jews love to confirm for your dumb-ass over and over again, because you trust their sewer of "upstanding honesty and integrity," the lock, stock & barrel Jew-owned mainstream media? Since when do you take anything and everything NOTHING BUT JEWS say on your boob tube at face value?

What were you born yesterday?

I'll tell you since when, since whenever and wherever IT AGREES with your own bigoted views. But you never see it as bait for any other hooks do you? If they did the same, ran the same kind of disgusting smear-campaign against one of your WN idols, you'd be whining like a bitch 24 hours a day.

Not one of the Jew and Crypto-Jew looking skanks accusing Cosby of "rape" can prove a damn thing. But you don't care about that do you? As long as they open their mouths and point fingers on Israeli-occupied TV, that's enough "proof" for you. lol

Did you ever ask yourself why ALL OF THESE women came out of the woodworks 20 years after the fact and not when the statute of limitations was not up and they could have actually brought a court case and had a chance at proving it (like the 13 year old did with Polanski and made him jump bail to Europe) and taken big chunks out of Cosby's 400 million dollar net worth?

No. Because to you any and all smear campaigns directed by NOTHING BUT JEWS against people you hate and despise (blacks and all non-whites) is a gift from the gods. I know that you people are like. You'd protect the honor of a Pit Bull being smeared before you would that of a black man.

And you're naive enough to think that Jews do not know this. LOL Do not know how to play you like a friggin' grand piano!

Be their guest and never learn, SUCKER.

Cosby -- Rapist or Smear Campaign?


ovadiayosefgoybals said...

@zetip no i don't think it's official but it is pretty well known
either way it was a zing at shep , since obviously according to the main stream illusion CNN and faux are supposed to be opposing sides but i think he was equating him with cooper to insult him on a more than just he is friends with a "liberal" context
i think it went over most peoples heads but you can tell shep noticed