July 26, 2015

Another "Conspiracy" Confirmed: Your car can be hacked

Cars can be remotely hacked and controlled. Michael Hastings, anyone? And let's not even mention airplanes. OK, let's...


Zeetip said...

3x with 3 different guests, Rense has retold the story of what happened immediately after his crash, as reported to him by a state police investigator, as told to said investigator by multiple eyewitnesses to the crash and/or its aftermath.

First to arrive, like immediately when JR's toyota came to a full stop, was a grey pickup truck. 2 men got out and ran straight to JR's wrecked land cruiser. Ignoring JR who was presumably dead, they rifled through the land cruiser, looking for something. It's unknown if they got what they were looking for. When the sound of the sirens could first be heard, the men got back in their grey pickup and sped off.

To hear JR tell it, first was to duffy, somewhere around or shortly after the middle,

Then JR told it to Tim Rifat at around 26 mins, and to Dave McGowan at the opening of their hour:

all 3 guests speculated the men were looking for some kind of transponder, or directed energy weapon, or JR's laptop comp. Story makes it pretty clear though, the "accident" was a (zion.gov) hit attempt.

I've noticed JR's speaking has slowed just a notch, with a light slur as well. It's as though he's had a couple or 3 drinks. I wouldn't notice if I weren't listening for a few years already; many people just speak normally like JR does now. Prolly pharma pain killer drugs. JR's speech is quite apparent in this Iserbyt/Duff hour,

Zeetip said...

^ my last link above pointing to JR's Duffy/Iserbyt 7/13 hour & demonstrating JR's slurred speech... well kiwi6.com has coughed up a fur ball (404 Not Found)

too bad; as at one point JR interrupted duffy who'd started rambling some 40% disinfo spew about "the jesuit conspiracy"; JR exclaiming something like 'oh God, no, no... don't tell me it's the jesuits again!' lol

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

OY VEEEY , who would do such a thing?