July 26, 2015

Jews Decide What We Want

Always do the OPPOSITE of what the Jews want!


Nona said...

We also kill ourselves, our kids in going to wars, when "they" decide.

When people talk about the ancients sacrificing children, no one thinks that it's taking place right this moment.

Who decided that when a person reaches the age of 18, they're adults? The rulers /Elite/jews, that's who! For their own convenience, their petty differences. From the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages on. THe vile "game" of CHess describes it all, the pawns which are expendable, the "peasants", then the rooks which are the cops/ lower ranks of the military,,doing the peasant control with a great force - cold bloodedly. THen the castle/cavalry, the officers /cavalry, standing on the side and giving the orders to the lower ranks, orders which come from the clerics/bishops and the king and queen. This is from each country, and the "Peasant" soldiers fighting against their fellow "peasant" in other countries. People that have nothing against each other, and would live side by side, in peace, if it weren't for the clerics and the rulers, their boredom and greed.

And the boardgame of Chess is played casually, but the Game - the Great Game, is played in real life.

So when the "peasants" in the West sends their 18 yrs olds to war, they're sending their little children. Confused little children that can be mentally moulded, because they still have no experience of the world. IT's only when one reaches the mid-20s to the 30s, that one matures, and can look around and discern things.
But in the military, it's a horrible, nightmare experience.

And we, the parents, allow our little children to be taken away, and be convinced by the rulers, and convince our little children that it's for patriotism, for country. And that we OWE our country. BUt rather it's the rulers that OWE us.

Unknown said...

The Jew-owned Mainstream Media's attention on Gaza is a diversion from the fact that the Jews are secretly genociding Americans with directed energy weapons and bioweapons.
Israel was behind the demolition of the Twin Towers;
Israel controls DHS (78 nationwide fusion centers). Israel is helping to build a new, nastier NSA in Utah, thanks to the collusion of their buddies, the Mormons, who keep genealogical (eugenics) records on everyone.
Worst of all, Jews own ALL central banks, thereby enabling themselves to bribe ALL politicians and gain a monopoly on ALL essential resources and needs from oil to food.
The only way to pull the plug on this domination is to end the Jews' private ownership of the Federal Reserve Bank, IMF, World Bank, Bank of International Settlements...and prosecute them for funding serial wars and Grand Theft of the US Treasury.