July 25, 2015

Spingola Speaks 2015.07.25

Deanna talks about various aspects of Sandy Hook; Everyone Must Check In; MCI in Connecticut

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Zeetip said...

Partially copied from my reply in the "Wolfgang Halbig EXPOSED| Zionist Hack & Anti American" thread:

As I wrote in my 3/6/14 review of this disgraceful "interview",

"Spingola also 'established' that Halbig, while being Polish-Catholic (not joosh!), is a holohoax believer and a supporter of israel. While this ad-hom surely resonated with the likes of her regular audience and GSUS members; in reality, it just shows Halbig to be joozmedia-brainwashed like most Americans... a blue piller, a sheeple... at least as far as matters WW2 & zionism are concerned. It shows him to be successfully deceived; but it doesn't impeach his honesty or show him to be a knowing deceiver. Another waste of precious, finite show-time which could & should have been spent focused on SHoax anomalies, spent instead on unrelated ad-homs. "

^ This noise from Spingola, who's routinely 'suggested' to her audience that the likes of Halbig & Smallstorm have ulterior motives... namely, monetary gain from this supposed tragedy. While Halbig's fundraising and spending have all been transparent, and while Smallstorm's video has been free to watch on YT/etc since its release; Spingola hopes no one scrutinizes her own pedaling of her book which seeks to profit from Zion.gov's Official Talmudic Version of their Sandy Hoax Story, for which she's a Key Opinion Leader (KOL). Or perhaps Event Management Conspirator, Spingola's latest beloved, scholarly sounding title/label which she slows down and enunciates like a school teacher each time she repeats it while trying to project it onto SH truth seekers, would be a better title for her?

When considering whether Halbig is sincere/legit, a helpful body of evidence to consider is zion.gov's 'guilty demeanor' surrounding all things Sandy Hoax,

Fetzer interviews Halbig's attorney Kay Wilson on 6/11; YT version (they discuss photos/etc shown during this interview):

^ same, MP3 version:

"Gov Malloy LIES (Sandy Hook HOAX) to Wolfgang Halbig"; < 2 minutes:

Unknown said...

The Elite is exposing the population to brainwave technology beamed from cellphones and cellphone towers...EMF. They are "culling" the goyim, the "useless eaters" (preferably after sucking their finances dry through medical "treatment.")
These brainwave weapons (directed energy weapons) were used on the Iraqis during Bushette's Gulf War, as revealed by military propagandist, Bob Woodward, to financial insider Andrea Mitchell (married to Alan Greenspan).
The US has been invaded by "aliens" all right -- an invasion of "dual-citizen" Jewish governing class.

Zeetip said...

Oona, yup... deliberate chemical lobotomies via "vaccines"; filling our bodies/blood with inhaled nano-particulate aluminum delivered via "geoengineering" planes, making us more receptive to EMF (also causing autism & alzheimers & other profitable maladie$); poisoning us with GMOs, feminizing men with estrogen mimicking BPA; and 'openly' dumbing down the current school-age generation & beyond via Commie Core "education"... paraphrasing Michael Jackson, "the jooz do it on purpose!" :(

The Real Deal Ep # 76 Janet Phelan and Public Extermination Projects

An AU-based podcast with numerous anti-vax interviews; Rappoport, Laibow, Tenpenny etc:

"Is the Medical-Pharmaceutical-Regulatory Cartel Assassinating [Alt-care] Physicians?"

nikosmom said...

zeetip, you say that Deanna "seeks to profit from Zion.gov's Official Talmudic Version of their Sandy Hoax Story"... What a bald-faced lie! Deanna's book (which you haven't and never will read), takes the position that Adam Lanza was injured at a young age by vaccines, and further damaged by psychiatric care, including psych drugs. Nowhere in the official Talmudic version of their Sandy Hook Story are vaccine injuries, or psych drugs mentioned with regards to Adam Lanza, therefore the official story is fundamentally different from Ms Spingola's thesis. Why do you continue to post the same rubbish, when it has been refuted over and over, including in the book "Screening Sandy Hook"? What's in it for you anyway?

Zeetip said...

Nikos Spew,
^ Beginning at 12:20, Deanna read aloud:

"I believe that on December 14 2012, twenty year old Adam Lanza fatally shot 20 children, and 6 adult staff members, at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut, which was founded in 1705, which had a population in 2012 of 28,042 people. Before driving to the school, Lanza shot and killed his mother Nancy, and as first responders arrived, he committed suicide by shooting himself in the head. Friends and family attended the many funerals that were held. There were people that were killed. There were funerals."

Don't make me smack your joospew down again, Nico. You're still doing an abysmal job "defending" Deanna.

And US taxpayers are still waiting for you to return our tax shekels, and apologize. It's the RIGHT THING TO DO!

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

so let me just tear apart Deanna's guilt by association logic here for a moment

so because WH believes in the holocaust and jewish lies about WW2 that makes the SH crisis actor theory null and void becuase WH is one of the biggest and most visible people in the SH scene

so by that very same logic the theory that SSRi's cause suicidal ideations must also be null and void since one of the biggest proponents of that theory and of the crusade against big pharma and SSRI's ,
Dr. Peter Breggin not only supports the holohoax and official WW2 propaganda , but is also a jew


"See Dr. Breggin's astonishing speech on Totalitarian Psychiatry & the Nazi Holocaust."

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

So when is Deanna going to finally bust the myth that big pharma is bad and that SSRI's cause
suicidal and homicidal ideations ?

When will Deanna be having Dr. Peter Breggin on her show to expose him as a supporter of Israel and the official holohoax narrative and being a jew ?

When will Deanna finally bust the myth of big pharma SSRI's causing suicide/homocidal ideations by equating one of the biggest proponents of that theory as a holocaust believer?

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

I will also say good job Deanna on exposing WH as a zionist
people should be able to have that information and decide weather or not he is credible or controlled opposition
or if his support for Israel totally discredits the SH theories he is attached to

he is either naive or a shill , but it does nothing to discredit the SH crisis actor theory

just as Dr Peter Breggin being controlled opposition would not discredit the fact that SSRI's cause suicidal and homicidal ideations

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

" Dr. Breggin begins by describing the roots of biological, genetic and racist psychiatry in Nazi Germany. He tells the grim history of how the organized murder of Germany’s mental patients became the entering wedge for the broader Holocaust."

"Dr. Breggin has published a scientific article on medical murder and the psychiatric holocaust that contains many citations to the psychiatric murder program that paved the way for the Holocaust.
The history of the murder of mental patients in Nazi Germany as well as the history of the U. S. "

Deanna said...

Whatever Peter Breggin, Wolfgang Halbig or James Fetzer believe about the holocuast is immaterial to Sandy Hook. The majority of the country believes that Germany perpetrated a holocaust against the jews. The focus of my interview of Halbig was not what he believed about the holocaust and his support of Israel but what he believed about Sandy Hook. I was unaware of Breggin's views on that subject. I have interviewed many people who I assume believe in th holocaust. I do not use a litmus test to determine a person's belief in the holocaust before I cite them as a reliable source on another issue or whether I have her/him on my radio program.

Zeetip said...

RE: Deanna @ 5:12 PM,
"Whatever Peter Breggin, Wolfgang Halbig or James Fetzer believe about the holocuast is immaterial to Sandy Hook. The majority of the country believes that Germany perpetrated a holocaust against the jews. The focus of my interview of Halbig was not what he believed about the holocaust and his support of Israel but what he believed about Sandy Hook."

If your claim above that holohoax beliefs are immaterial to beliefs re what happened @ SHES is true, then why in your 3/4/14 Halbig "interview" did you spend nearly the first 1/3, 25+ minutes out of the ~79 minute comm-free version of the show, trying to play "Gotcha!" over non-SHES matters? Your hostile interrogation ranged from specific questions to WH re WW2, Hitler, holohoax & US/israel relationship, obviously calculated to turn your specific audience (you conceded above that WH's holohoax beliefs are in line with most Americans) against WH. Your other questions sought to raise doubts related to WH's history, credentials, experience, and his CSI partnership which was already on the verge of collapse due to friction with his partner over unwanted attention/scrutiny brought to his partner stemming from WH's SHES investigative activity which had gone viral in only the ~month prior to your "interview"?? Was your "Big Perry Mason Moment" in that excruciating first 25 mins of this precious finite WH "interview" time, where you revealed "Suite-Number-Gate-OMG!!" to the collective yawns of the world, really time better spent than discussing SHES?? Sheesh!!

Adding insult-to-injury, in the early minutes of your 25+ min WH hostile-interrogation/ad-hom-based discreditation effort re non-SHES matters, when WH protested that you seem to be focused on trying to discredit him rather than discussing SHES; you insulted WH's and your entire audience's intelligence, by flatly denying the obvious. :(

The remaining ~56 mins of your WH "interview", which you've tried above to characterize (the whole show, actually...) as being focused on what he believed about SHES, was spent instead with YOU doing most of the talking/diatribing, relentlessly interrupting & shouting over WH when he was trying to answer one of your questions or make a point, and your seeking to trip up, scold and "shame" WH. You even exclaimed 41:40 in this "interview", in the middle of another of your long & ridiculous diatribes shutting WH out, "SHAME ON YOU!!"

I encourage readers to (re)listen to Deanna's 3/4/14 WH "interview", perhaps just the first 26 mins, or more if you can stomach it; and see if her "The focus of my interview of Halbig was not what he believed about the holocaust and his support of Israel but what he believed about Sandy Hook" characterization rings true or false; or whether my characterization above, and in greater detail at http://tinyurl.com/odkvvod sounds more spot on.


^ my test of the "Download" link there (where you'll also find 47 comments):

...first yielded only a 192 byte junk file. 2nd try worked. In case of any problem, there should also be a copy.com-hosted MP3 of the show at http://spingolaspeaks.net/2014-guests - scroll to the 3/4/14 WH show, to find its copy.com link: