July 25, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig EXPOSED| Zionist Hack & Anti American



Thugnacious said...

I'm totally outside of this Sandy Hook stuff, can someone gave a straight lowdown?

Christopher Marlowe said...

Sandy Hook is a very obvious hoax.

The enemy will very often get someone to lead the "opposition". People are always too willing to accept some personality who is going to save the day.

Never trusted Halbig. Halbig claimed to be involved in the Columbine investigation. I think Columbine was a hoax also. There is a channel on youtube that finds the people who "died" in columbine, and tracks them down. People who look like them and have the same background info and same name are still living...

Also if Halbig doesn't know that the holohoax wasn't real, then he really isn't much of an expert. He is a retard who can't find his ass with both hands.

Zeetip said...

I suspected this YTube guy was going to use Spingola's "interview" clip with Halbig as the beginning, middle & end of his Halbig smear. And my suspicion materialized when I watched it... rolleyes! As I wrote in my 3/6/14 review of this disgraceful "interview",

"Spingola also 'established' that Halbig, while being Polish-Catholic (not joosh!), is a holohoax believer and a supporter of israel. While this ad-hom surely resonated with the likes of her regular audience and GSUS members; in reality, it just shows Halbig to be joozmedia-brainwashed like most Americans... a blue piller, a sheeple... at least as far as matters WW2 & zionism are concerned. It shows him to be successfully deceived; but it doesn't impeach his honesty or show him to be a knowing deceiver. Another waste of precious, finite show-time which could & should have been spent focused on SHoax anomalies, spent instead on unrelated ad-homs. "

^ This noise from Spingola, who's routinely 'suggested' to her audience that the likes of Halbig & Smallstorm have ulterior motives... namely, monetary gain from this supposed tragedy. While Halbigs fundraising and spending have all been transparent, and while Smallstorm's video has been free to watch on YT/etc since its release; Spingola hopes no one scrutinizes her own pedaling of her book which seeks to profit from zion.gov's Official Talmudic Version of their Sandy Hoax Story, for which she's a Key Opinion Leader (KOL).

When considering whether Halbig is sincere/legit, a helpful body of evidence to consider is zion.gov's guilty demeanor surrounding all things Sandy Hoax,

Fetzer interviews Halbig's attorney Kay Wilson on 6/11; YT version (they discuss photos/etc shown during this interview):

^ same, MP3 version:

And YTube guy tried to dismiss the fact that DHS provided the "...check in" sign; an under-oath admission marking a successful outcome of Halbig's efforts; as being perfectly normal... DHS, that of/by/for jooz agency created "in response to" the joo-orchestrated 911 events.

Nona said...

Go ahead, you- non-jews, beat each other up. It's a laugh!
While the jews set aside their differences, and stick together- AGAINST THE WORLD - in issues they consider important, and so, prevailing in this unity, controlling the rest of the world. Instead, the goy ( not goy, i don't like the word the jews give us), rather, the non-jews, pull apart from each other, for petty differences, never following the example of the jews, and so having a chance at winning.

It's a joke!

Unknown said...

The most important thing for everyone to understand is what the JEWS are doing in this world to all of us. If you can't even begin to understand that, then you can't begin to understand all their little tentacles. So yes, Halbig failed every important litmus test in this interview.

larry said...

Another thing to note is that from top to bottom the participants in this farce WERE 90% JEWS. From the municipal to federal levels the whole hoax was dominated by them, as the gun control movement AND the pharmaceutical industry has always been. Amazing that after undeniably proving that Spingolas good friend Keith Johnson was a crazed stalker and shill she continues to support him and the official story and that now mamis is doubling down on the deception by posting these totally irrelevant videos. If you are really serious about exposing Jew shenanigans, Sandy hook is one of the most blatant examples. Get a grip!

Anonymous said...

Halbig's pro-Zionist sentiment explains to me how he got onto Alex Jones' show and is also likely correct about crisis actors at SH. Just because he has been on Jones' show doesn't mean that the crisis actor theory of SH is alleged Cass Sunstein disinfo. Controlled opposition is played much more slickly than that at the higher levels.

Anonymous said...

A clear example of someone else who is staunchly pro-Zionist (he said on his FB page that Israel should be the 51st state), yet whom most commentators and researchers here would agree was correct, is Phil Berg, regarding Obama's constitutional ineligibility for President. Just by applying the logic of Berg getting on Jones' show and being a rapid pro-Zionist, you can't draw the conclusion that therefore his main contention is disinfo.

Unknown said...

Phil Berg is a jew. So is Orly Taitz. They ARE the controlled opposition. Notice nothing became of Obama's citizenship. Same will happen to Sandy Hook because of people like Halbig.

ovadiayosefgoybals said...

@fauxcapitalist good points jason
also remember that the jones operation had steered away from crisis actors for a long time after SH happened
they tried to push their own narrative but then they must have realized nobody was buying it and they were probably loosing followers and decide they had to switch tactics to try and maintain their op

Deanna said...

Part of the operation has Republican Orly Taitz (b. 1960), the Jewish lawyer, dentist, along with Philip J. Berg, a Jewish Democrat publicized Obama’s Kenyan birth, a detail that was openly announced in 2004 when he was running for an Illinois senate seat. Taitz emigrated from the Soviet Union to Israel in 1981 where she attended Hebrew University. In 1987 she met and quickly married a software engineer visiting from California named Yosef Taitz. She is/was associated with AIPAC and believes that Obama’s policies are “a clear and present danger to Israel.” Ironically, in regard to the birth issue, Taitz said, “When you allow somebody with allegiance to other nations to become president, that’s extremely dangerous.”