July 19, 2015

Why "White Nationalism" aka "Nazism" always fails Pt 2 - Rodders driving the Bluesmobile?

This scene from the 1980 classic Movie "The Blues Brothers" perfectly summed up the nature of the beast 35 years ago.
Their self-Imagery and message hasn't changed in all that time. Neither have the reactions of the General Public to that message. Talk about flogging a dead horse!
One truism: After the last "Nazi" shuffles off this mortal coil unremembered and alone, Jake and Elwood Blues will still be there driving the Bluesmobile On their "Mission From God" far,far into the future.
In the end, who has the last laugh really?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

That's Hollywood the biggest social programming tool ever made... It's okay for every other minority group to march but the white European... I hate Hollywood... Even when the become the minority they won't ever be able to organize... Unless we wake up to the JWO Mafia Cartel who want to rule the earth. The Talmud now that's a truly racist bunch of books that should be exposed as well as the Protocols of Zion!!!