August 26, 2015

Turkey and Ukraine Prepare Terrorist Brigades Aimed At Russia

With this in mind, it is very concerning that Turkey and Ukraine are moving towards greater provocations against Russia – this time using jihadist terrorists on and inside Russian borders. Such moves clearly increase the likelihood that Russia will be forced to engage NATO and its proxies in a direct military fashion at some point.

After all, color revolutions, if caught early, can be eliminated by removing the NGOs and Foundations responsible for organizing the “golden youth” but repeated acts of suicidal terrorism must be cut off at the source or it will continue to take place indefinitely. If Russia finds itself surrounded by US/NATO military bases and missile systems while, at the same time, being faced with economic warfare and sanctions, it may view its current position of non-intervention as untenable when faced with cross-border terrorist attacks openly supported by NATO countries.
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