September 10, 2015

David Duke Show 2015.09.09

Today Dr. Duke addressed the migrant crisis in Europe. Dr. Duke pointed out that Zionist Jews have been supporting massive immigration into the United States and Europe for well over a century. Emma Lazarus, famous for the inscription that hijacked the base of the statue of liberty reading "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses..," was herself an early Zionist proponent of a Jewish homeland. Dr. Duke said that if Zionists and their stooges like Angela Merkel were not pledging an open door, you wouldn't have families making dangerous boat voyages from the safe shores of Turkey to reach Europe.
He brought on Dr. Slattery and asked him what evidence there was that European Jews would support Muslim migration into Europe when European Muslims have been implicated in violence against Jews. Dr. Slattery cited a recent article from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency that quoted numerous Jewish leaders all invoking the Holocaust to make the case for accepting more migrants. Even if this winds up causing some European Jews to leave for Israel, it will not diminish Jewish control over the media, banking, and other key industries, as the recent Russian experience shows. In fact, Jews believe a divided and multicultural Europe will be easier for them to dominate.

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Anonymous said...

Jip, the Jews have always worked toward the Islamization of Germany, thus combining the forces of Jewry's two worst opponents in history, the German Volke and Islam. Makes perfect sense! Duke is onto something here I tell ya...