September 10, 2015

Radio Wehrwolf - Jewish Dominance of Civil Rights 9/9/2015

Dion discusses the Jewish hand behind the Civil Rights Movement. Including the creation of the NAACP, Urban League, MLK, the real Rosa Parks, and more.

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1 comment:

Nona said...

So disillusioning.

What's real, then?

They (Controllers/Anunnaki/jews/Zionists/ Feds)
have been lying to us, since Day 1.
What is real 'history."

If the Feds have been lying, and whistleblowers find that the Feds have funded professors, and universities, and scientists, A N D astronomers. How can we trust, believe these?

And remembers astrological digs are sponsored by universities, which are funded by the Feds.

So, our ancient history is to be questioned too.