Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dr. Alan Sabrosky on The Debate - 9/11 Anniversary - September 11th
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Og said...

About 5 minutes from the end, the shill guest said that the CIA handed Bush a detailed report about upcoming planes crashing into buildings in August 2001.

But of course the official story is there was no advance knowledge

Negentropic said...

Actually, Sabrosky himself is a SHILL, and Christopher Bollyn is his fellow limited-hangout bait-with-Jews-Moss ad-did-it-hook-into-the-media-was-not-fully-complicit gatekeeping partner, since BOTH OF THEM (plus Daryl Bradford Smith) are still pushing the complete bullshit that there were planes and 3000 "victims" on 9-11. Direct agent or useful idiot/ego, the result being the same.

It makes no difference that he correctly concludes that "Jews did it" since he obfuscates EVERY OTHER ASPECT of 9-11 ON PURPOSE. Only an idiot would think that an aluminum plane can go through a 500,000 ton steel-&-concrete building with zero deceleration and with NOT ONE PART out of up to 3 million on each plane falling off!

NO PROPER COURT OF LAW ANYWHERE would accept a single image aired on 9-11 into evidence without ANALYZING AND AUTHENTICATING that image. Yet, Bollyn and Sabrosky, both supposed real smart guys and "real researchers" HAVE NEVER AUTHENTICATED A SINGLE IMAGE OR VIDEO that they base their entire theories of 9-11 on. NOT A SINGLE IMAGE have they ever bothred to analyze and authenticate and yet they want you to believe their chain of logic based on the Media's narrative, just because they point to other people at the end of it.

You can easily come to the same conclusion that "Jews did it," by using the correct methodology of Media Fakery, the only one that would even get past STAGE ONE in any real court of law (authenticating imagery first before it is admitted as "evidence"), the same one used on the Moon Hoax, Sandy Hoax, Boston Marathon Hoax, Norway Shootings Hoax, Charelston Shooting Hoax, ALL the Isis beheadings hoaxes, etc.

SINGLE IMAGE debunk of EVERYTHING Sabrosky, Bollyn, Judy Wood and any other 9-11 plane-hugger or victims-hugger claims:

So, if 3000 people "dye-ed," boo-hoo-hoo-hoo-Jew-hoo, who the fuck are all these people being photoshopped eveywhere in the victims lists? And that image is just a compilation of the most OBVIOUS photoshops. There is NOT A SINGLE PERSON that has been conclusively proven to have died in the "9-11 attacks," because it was not even even a "military attack," it was a FALSE FLAG PSYCHOLOGICAL ATTACK pre-manufactured on "documentary style film" and simply aired "live" by a fully complicit media in as many pieces as necessary. They didn't need to whack a single person to accomplish FULL BAMBOOZLMENT of 7 billion people and 90% of the alternative crowd let by clown agents like Alex Jones, Bollyn, Sabrosky and for the no-planer crowd, more shills like Judy Wood and Ace Baker and Jim Fetzer.

So, these people like Sabrosky and Bollyn and DBS and Judy Wood still making the rounds of the radio shows have absolutely ZERO legs to stand on. Their theories are pure DISINFO, especially at this point. And it's really hilarious that people are literally scared shitless to go anywhere near Simon Shack's theories JUST BECAUSE Alex Jones and Jason Bermass told them it was "No-Planer Disinfo." I find that really humorous. As far as the Jew-Wise people go, they're actually some of the most easily duped people. They don't care what kind of utterly fanciful fantasy bullshit story a person spins, especially if it's a person with "the authority" of the Jew-Media "official story" HOW-IT-WAS-DONE behind them, as long as he points to a Jew or Jews at the end.

Actually, some people like former Oracle co-boss Lee Rogers are now openly advocating LYING by omission or otherwise whenever and wherever a so-called "conspiracy theory," regardless of how valid it might be or how many facts are supporting it or not, clashes with their White Nationalist ends-justify-any-means agenda-pushing and propagandizing.

Negentropic said...

25 Second 9-11 Truth Test for All Your Friends & Relatives:

"TOUR GUIDE" to the September Clues research by Simon Shack

September Clues Addendum:

Nona said...

That's supposed to be an Iranian newsreporter? Hehehe!
African, if she's anything!

WHOOLI said...

It does not necessarily follow that a non-fakeologist is a shill. And we don't need fakeology to prove that the government's official 9-11 conspiracy theory is false.