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Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.09.11

Listen  Download  Hour 1 - Dr. Judy Wood PhD - On 9/11

Listen  Download  Hour 2 - Dr. Judy Wood PhD - On 9/11

Listen  Download  Hour 3 - Rebekah Roth - 9/11 Whodunit?

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zapoper said...

I've listened to a few interviews with Rebekah Roth and she seems to have solved most of the 9/11 "mysteries" in my opinion.

zapoper said...

Her interview should be used on people who are still in cognitive dissonance about 9/11.

Negentropic said...

Roth = not only is she a Jew, but a 9-11 plane-hugger and victims-hugger. She has solved nothing. Just another person they put out there to keep you away from Simon Shack's theories. And if that's not bad enough, he also pulls out the old hag Judy Wood for 2 hours of absolutely worthless DISINFO garbage.

Basically nothing but disinfo from Rense. What else do you expect from this Fukushima fearmongering Oregon-hippie-vegan foozball motherfucker?

Anonymous said...

jewdy woodeye.......
IABATT never gives up

zapoper said...

@ Negen

She actually said that the planes were probably fake using video software like what they do during a broadcast of the super bowl (I am paraphrasing). So she seems to be on board with your hero Simon Shack's theory.

She might be a Jew or not but she thinks that this is a mossad job and names all sorts of Jews that were involved. I might be getting fooled by her but I do not detect deception on her part when I listen to her interviews.

zapoper said...

BTW. Calling a show host a motherfucker is cause to put you in the spambox Negen.

Unknown said...

But you won't though zap 'cos you know damn well you LOL'd at that comment just like I did! ;)

Erik Paul said...

Thank you Zap! Now I finally know what happened to Amy King, one of the stews on flt 175, who went to school with my daughter. She was no "vicsim" and she vanished along with her fiance. Those planes weren't hijacked, they believed they were taking part in a drill. I knew they didn't hit the towers but I thought they might have landed at Stewart. So those fucking bastards murdered her inside that C-5 hangar.

Anonymous said...

On the second page of Dr. Wood's preface, she states:

"It may surprise you to learn that there is no actual, verifiable evidence confirming that airplanes crashed at any of the four locations on 9/11/01. However, as Dr. Reynolds shows, there is an abundance of evidence to the contrary."

To me, that implies that the television footage and pictures of the second plane going into the South Tower aren't verifiable evidence, which I agree with.

The big question for her is, how can we take the photos in her book as being verifiable evidence when they were also shown to us by the same mass media and government that showed us the plane videos?

Anonymous said...

Regarding Roth, I need to listen to her whole Red Ice interview to get a better idea, but I did see she was on Coast to Coast AM, and in that case, I think she would've deliberately left out her talk about the Zionist cabal that she touched on in her Red Ice interview.

And given that Coast to Coast AM's controllers are Jewish Zionist chauvinist shills of the highest order, I have to question on that basis alone why they brought her on.

When Michael Rivero was brought on after being deliberately gatekept for so long, it was obvious that he was brought on to minimize criticism of them being a gatekeeping operation, yet he never once mentioned Israel or Zionism in a bad way, despite specifically being asked twice what the big issues were during a 3-hour interview with George Noory.

Despite listeners being able to discover his site, it would pale in comparison to the impact his words would've had on the air.

I will check out her C2CAM interview later, as I see it now, as it wasn't available at the time when I was listening to her Red Ice appearance.

Big man said...

What are U gonna do when they come for U?? It's over

zapoper said...

Shows I posted of Rebekah

Unknown said...

same as jfk,,the media they prepared us for,,,jfk,,held our hand,,,cried with us,,,went to the funeral,,,,,covered up the awful truth for us......organized a independent investigation to explain it to us,,,,,

Unknown said...

i am not living on a spinning ball,,there are no nukes, how can we figure out who did 911, when we do not even know what happened,,,i agree on simon shack,,,
the bad guys are worried as more and more of humanity is waking up to the fact that we have become disconnected from our humanity.

Negentropic said...


I listened to a previous show she did with someone else where she was fully pushing planes. I think she's Sabrosky phase II. Sabrosky was full plane-hugger bait with Mossad-did-it, hook into it-was-all-real-as-the-Jew-media-said-it-was. This one probably realizes that the gatekeeping has to go beyond the planes to the victims now.

But remember that there are many gatekeepers who only take you to the no-planes gate and then sell you down the river on the rest: Judy Wood, Ace Baker and Jim Fetzer (on 9-11) being perfect examples.

To me, there is far too much faked victims evidence and photoshopping for any true 9-11 researcher to stop at the planes and still claim 3000 victims.

Therefore, she will have shill-clearance with me only if she goes all the way with the faking of the victims and also acknowledges the many non-plane video fakeries such as the absurd never-before-seen top-down pulverization building demolitions made to give credence to the absurd notion that jet-fuel from planes can actually do something like that.

Negentropic said...

25 Second 9-11 Truth Test for All Your Friends & Relatives:

Andrew Johnson said...

I urge people to study and listen to exactly what Rebekah Roth says. I read her first fictional novel and reviewed it. I pasted that review in this article

Unknown said...

Rebekah Roth says the planes were on the ground (in a hanger) when the phone calls were being made. Therefore they were all acting.

I have been impressed with Roth's explanation of what happened on 9/11. I think she does believe the plane images on TV are not real.

Too bad I didn't post something like this a couple of weeks ago, I might have had Zap agreeing with me, instead of me agreeing with Zap.

She has done some good work a Truth Frequency Radio. Unfortunately podcasts there don't stay active for long and can be missed if not visited regularly.

I got a Freaky Friday show about 10 days ago with her being interviewed. I'm also inclined to believe pretty much what she says.

Come to think of it, she did say, those who don't what to interview her, and there has been a few whom I presume she has contacted, Alex Jones is one of them. She said that makes them automatic gate keepers and shills. That's what she said.

Rebekah Roth, sharp, articulate and honest.

Erik Paul said...

I agree with your assessment of Rebekah. BTW, that might not be her real name. She doesn't sound the least bit Jewish to me and that would be a very clever pseudonym.

Her information has supplied the missing pieces for me especially regarding the fate of the flight crews and 175 in particular because of Amy King. The fact that an eye witness has contacted her who saw 175 approaching Westover AFB so low she could see faces in the windows was stunning.

I suggest you listen to her interview with Daniel Ott for many interesting details.

Negentropic said...

@Erik Paul

True, not all Roths are Jews but most in the USA tend to be. Just a cursory glance at the rock music field shows that David Lee Roth is definitely a Jew. Uli Jon Roth, the original guitarist of the German band Scorpions, on the other hand, is nobody's Jew. I've seen him wearing a Jew star of David in a couple of photos here and there but that's almost certainly for mystical/hippy-dippy/esoteric reasons.

She doesn't acknowledge the fake victims on 9-11, which can be proven by one compilation image roll alone:

Shove that in her face. Then follow up with "September Clues Addendum"

plus The 9-11 VIC-SIM Report:

and also this:

The Ridiculously Bad Vicsim Pic Collection (Simon Shack) -- (This is only a small sample collection of some of the most atrocious pictures found in the 9/11 memorials):

If, after all that, and with that kind of obvious photoshopping proof in front of her nose, she still doesn't acknowledge faking of victims on 9-11, then you can be 100% sure that she's a fraud and a shill, just like Wood and Ace Baker, as simple as that, direct agent or useful idiot/ego, the result being the same.

And no, she can't say "some" victims may have been faked. It's all or nothing. No PsyOp department is going to run to diametrically opposed modus operandi at the same time. If they were going to whack people, then they would have whacked all of them and dealth with the backlash from that. If they were going to fake the whackings, then they have to fake them all, in order to prevent all the unnecessary headaches and endless problems that having some 10,000 to 15,000 family members, relatives and friends of the whacked "3000 victims" come after them relentlessly, with or without lawyers and lawsuits, trying to find out what really happened to their "loved ones." Did they need 10,000 extra headaches when they can simply fake all the whackings on a computer and with a few actors playing this or that relative and people are so stupid and gullible that they all believe them? Even Kevin Barrett, who has the traitor-fraud Bob McIlvaine on and does nothing but kiss his ass? Of course not! Why give yourself an extra 10,000 potential headaches you don't need?

Negentropic said...

P.S. Another reason to be extremely wary of Roth is if Andrew Johnson, Judy Wood's # groupie, is promoting her.

Negentropic said...

Correction: Judy Wood's #1 groupie

Limited hangout shilling seems to have come to the end of its road. If they acknowledge the 3000 faked victims on 9-11 like some have with Sandy Hook and Boston, there will be no more room left to do any more "hangouts." And that's what they're worried about the most: not being able to do any more major time-wasting hangouts to get as large a proportion as possible of the very small minority of a million or so dissenters on the entire planet to keep chasing their tails on 9-11 for another 14 years.

That will never happen if the facts about the Vic-Sims on 9-11 become widely known.

Now is the best time to spread these facts.

Big man said...

Roth said to email her. I did. She never responded.
I told her in the email that the IDF soldier named Danny Lewin, who was first the hijacker then the victim of a shooting on flight 11 seat 9B has an identical looking copy working at Microsoft as a VP. Looks very much like him, even has two sons like Lewin.... And spells his name the same and likely about same age. No response from Roth.