September 23, 2015

Jeff Rense Radio Show - 2015.09.22

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Og said...

Besides her mentioning 100+ direct links to jews, mossad & israel in pulling off 911

Maybe she'll wake up truthers that haven't figured it out yet
Israel did 9/11 - ALL THE PROOF IN THE WORLD
Posted on: May 06, 2009, 09:09:59 AM

where are all the debunkers?
where is DS on this, as she already stated her not trusting the guest "haha probably wasn't even a airline ......" and the official 911 government reports ......


rodin said...

Rebekah, look into the Nuke Hoax thing. Rerevisionist is as good a place as any to start...

...a fellow (ex) chemist....

Unknown said...

You're right.
The Manhattan Hoax -- controlled at the top by Jews like....Oppenheimer, Teller, Szilard, Lillienthal, Einstein.
Like NASA -- a big sucking sound on the US Treasury.
Israel's Dimona plant probably doesn't have nukes.... more likely Dimona hides the gold from Fort Knox.

Unknown said...

Nuke Hoax? Is fukashima a hoax? Are nuclear power plants a hoax?
Why not look into the flat earth too... By the you will be so ridiculed that no one will take you seriously and israhell will have no problem pulling off the next 911

Negentropic said...



You are posting about people "taking you seriously" on a site that has a big-nose Jew money-changer in the middle of a radar & a Matrix background as its mascot called "Mami's Shit."

the irony is deafening

How do you know all those things you mentioned are not a hoax if you don't even look into it?

I think you like the rush of being paranoid and sense that if you looked into it you might lose that fear-mongered drug addiction.


@ Rodin and Oona

You two are dreaming. She's a shill, just like Ace "fake-suicide" Baker, until she comes clean on the proven faked victims (VicSims) on 9-11, direct agent or useful idiot, the result being the same:

September Clues Addendum:

The 9-11 VIC-SIM Report:

Send her the above links and watch her ignore them completely like Ace Baker and then you'll know for sure what fearmongering shills are for: keeping the 9-11 victims and the doomsday machine ultimate fear of nukes alive in the minds of the goyim serfs.

Remember Betsy McGee and that great video she made exposing Carlos the Cowboy-hat-wearing-fraud Arredondo on Boston Marathon? What's she doing now? Pushing Chudy Food Directed Energy Weapsons (the next stage of fear-mongering past "newks") Jew-Media-promoted 3000 victims and talking shit about Simon Shack everywhere she goes. She even told him to go kill himself after he nicely asked her why she was protecting the "victims" on 9-11 when she had exposed them on every other PsyOp post-Sandy-Hook? What a big surprise! Limited hangout after limited hangout when the truth about how they did it (Media Fakery) is very easy to see.

My, oh my, what an influence that fatboy Jones and Loose Shekels have to this day!

They just screamed "No-Planer Disinfo" and banned it from all their forums and everybody's still jumping 8 years later! With some assistance from fellow plane-huggers Chris Bollyn, Daryl Bradford Smith and Alan Sabrosky, of course, in our gatekeeping neck of the woods.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Rense's continual interuptions of Roth ruined his interview of her. Shame on him.