September 23, 2015

UN chief expresses concern over Europe refugee crisis
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Nona said...

I've been looking at those refugees. Do they look like refugees to you?
With regular, clean clothes, no black marks or dirt, or torn. ANd the women with baby strollers, the wheels new?

Nona said...


Thr wheels on the baby strollers new, an not looking as if they were worn out, from long distances.

Those peaople don't look needy, or thin or care-worn, or in trouble.

Unknown said...

I would say half are real refugges from Syria. They aren't poor hungry Africans but middle class Syrians who ran away with what ever they could carry... I'm sure they turkey gave them free money, clothes & tickets to Europe... The other half is mix of terrorist, criminals and poor people from Africa, Iraq & other war torn countries...
They are destroying Syria and Europe at the same time : )

Unknown said...

I meant : (

Nona said...

Frankly, in this time on this Planet, and people having a knowledge of history, world history, don't you think, it's time for them to know that : running way doesn't solve anything?

In the West, our parents taught us this. Don't parents teach them the same thing there?

It's time for them to unite and turn around and fight the good fight, themselves.
Govs. are not going to fight for them, and they can't depend on the Syrian military to protect them. The men should band together against ISIS. And the women should also.
The women can't just stay there huddled together, in panic. ....waiting to be raped and slaughtered. They have no choice now, but to turn around and hit ISIS back.

There is such a thing as guerilla warfare. What did the French do in their Fr. Revolution? They had no regular weapons, but knives, pitchforks, sticks, shovels, AND their WILL.

What did the Russian populace have against the Germans, when the war was taken door to door in that winter in Moscow?

Come on! IT's ridiculous that these people should be flooding Europe!

And you know what? THe Europeans were all over there in the last century, but, the Arabs kicked them out. The Brits, French, and other Europeans, were not wanted. Now, the Arabs want us?