September 13, 2015

Kevin Barrett: 9/11 truth would lead to civil war in U.S.
*9/11 Mega-post - updated

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Negentropic said...

But since Kevin's a Muslim, he can go live in his beloved Islamic Iran with all its sharia laws, so he won't have to deal with any "civil" war. What I can't figure out is how he reconciles his Muslim beliefs with his supposed "libertarian" political stance, since Islam is about as unlibertarian a religion as you can possibly have. Libertarian means PRO-LIBERTY, pro freedom of thought and association, pro THE INDIVIDUAL, not the tribe and the group oppressing the individual whenever the interests of the tribe are threatened. Everything in libertarianism starts from the individual and extrapolates outwards. Everything in Islam and all tribal systems starts from the tribe and only ends up with the individual when there is no threat whatsoever to the tribe, which means not to any real individual thinker of any kind but a fully brainwashed robot. Libertarianism starts with the repeal of all group-rights that violate the individual and this includes "civil" rights. No other system being called "libertarian" can be anything but a fraud.