September 13, 2015

Putin Uncorks The Genie: Russian Bear In Syria; Terrorists Embalmed In The Fire Of Syrian Air Force; Wile E. Coyote Moments

You can tell the West is miffed. And you can tell Vlad is tiffed. The grifter-Zionist-neo-con terrorists are waffling between opposing the Iranian nuclear agreement and trying (still) to topple the legitimate government of the Syrian Arab Republic. While all the hurly-burly is on display, stern-faced Republican apparatchiks vowing to stymy Obama’s planned rapprochement with Iran, the Russian, Iranians and Syrians continue to move forward with the plan that will dismember what is left of the West’s Frankenstein monster – the selfsame monster the West alleges it is fighting.
The Syrian opposition has fallen apart and can no longer provide a fig leaf for American and NATO plans in the region. Besides eating up Saudi and Qatari dollars for lengthy stays in 5-star hotels, they have been exposed as shiftless, feckless, rudderless charlatans and felons who can no more influence the military side of the battle than they can secure permanent residency in the United States. The jig is up. The U.S. and its allies are precisely what they don’t want to be seen as: terrorism supporters and mass murderers. Syria cannot but amass support and sympathy by the moral default of the West.     ***Read full article here***

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