September 27, 2015

No Agenda Episode 760 - "VAWG" - 2015.09.27

TODAY; CYBER; Migrants; Shut Up Slave!; F-Russia; F-Germany; Robocalls; Earon; EuroLand; Pope; Rubbleize!; MIC; FacePage; NA-Tech News; Obama Nation; Elite$; Agenda 2030; LGBBTQQIAAP; Words Matter; Big Pharma, and all your usual listening whilst waiting Up to see the last Bloodmoon and falling asleep just as it appears favourites.

The Sunday Show.



1 comment:

1776blues said...

You can't be racist towards Muslims since Muslim is not a race. It would be nice when people do talk shows at least bring that fact up. I realize they were talking about the MSM making this, but at least point out how stupid it is that the MSM is making these absurd claims.

And while I'm on this small rant, you can't be racist towards Jews. There is no scientific classification for a Jewish race.