September 27, 2015

Was He Really The Most Evil Man Alive?
*Adolf Hitler Mega-post


BillyBob said...

If You Listen to Chris Kendall's podcast with Pearse Redmond, the answer is still "YES" the most evil man alive!

Anonymous said...

"Was he the most evil man alive?"

"Yes" says the Jew and the Jew thinker.

Blindlight said...

I would recommend stating it as a fact hitler is cool rather than offer a contrary narrative to the MSM and that is because we in the Hitlerian left and right don't offer legitimacy of any sort to the masonic left-right is they offer none to us- we simply can't co-exist!

coincidenceskeptic said...

Ignoring his advisers, and with the help of Eichmann, Hitler essentially "created" Israel. Evil is in the eyes of the beholder... tainted by the collection of lies agreed upon known as history, modified by the passage of time and the outcome of circumstances - intentional or otherwise.
Based on body count, Stalin was far more evil...yet no one utters his name when attacking the character of present day tyrants.
A more relevant question for today is, "Is Netanyahu the most evil man alive?" Asking that question implies where I stand on that issue. Meanwhile, we stand back - powerless to stop a humanitarian crisis that exists for the Palestinians right here in our time.
Ask a Palestinian what he thinks about Hitler and the Transfer Agreement.

Anonymous said...

No most evil would be Henry Kissinger and Dick Cheney and Rahm Emanuel. Chertoff is not saint either.

JussaTest said...

I'd give him a man hug (no homo) and call him "brother".