October 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton And The Real Issue Behind The Benghazi Scandal

However, while much has been made about the scandal in Benghazi and the death of US Ambassador Chris Stevens there, the real story behind the attacks should make Clinton appear much more than an incompetent derelict. In fact, Clinton was anything but incompetent in the Benghazi scandal.
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Nona said...

No, hillary is not fit to be prez, but neither was stephens an innocent little angel!

He was in someone else's country, spying....which is a nerve, in the first place. Then he was involved in secret gun running, he knew he was doing wrong, but he chose to risk doing it.

My guess is that he was low-man in the totem pole, and knew too much.

SO! Hillary got rid of him!

Unknown said...

Chris Stevens certainly will not be testifying that he was involved in a conspiracy to ship arms to US terrorists in Syria.

You wanna get a measure of someone's informed-ness, especially if he's Muslim?

Ask if he knows who said: "We came, we saw, he died".

I did, and he didn't.

Nona said...

Damore: What are you saying?

Yes, we saw the scum of the earth Hillary saying that!
Imagine! I wouldn't have slaughtered my worst enemy that way!
It happens that We, Humans, would put have given Kaddafi a clean death, even if he had deserved it....and he didn't

We both know that muslims and Hillary....AND her demon horde, are NOT Human, to slaughter that way!

1melahat said...

Muslims not human? Let me guess, christians are human though, right? What about all the other religions or the hundreds of kooky Christian sects? It's ALL lies designed to control your mind and lady you are totally nuts! Only a true zealot would would use verbage like "they are not human". You want to kill them all, right? Maybe you need to evolve into something more human lady. Go change your depends because you're full of shit.