October 29, 2015

Radio Wehrwolf - Halloween 10/28/2015

Dion discusses all things Halloween. The commercialization of one of our most honored holidays, the ancient Celtic roots of Samhain at Tlachtga, and the true nature of Satanism.

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Nona said...

Dion: You're lsaying Halloween and Trick or Treat are two different days?

Believe it or not, Dion, Halloween is the day kids go 'Trick or Treat"- an activity ON Halloween day. They're one and the same.

Deucalion said...

just in reply to above comment, havent listened yet just about too, but im guessing he means theyre unrelated not different days, as with 'bonfire night' over here in england [bale fire, bael fire, bone fire = beltane] on nov 5th proceeding samhain, there is an activity where children also harass people for money called 'penny for the guy' where they ask for money for the effigy ... its only relation to bonfire night is the use of the guy but its something that is not historically connected to the core meaning of bonfire night [which itself has been tethered to the 'gunpowder plot/conspiracy' which may have been a govt psy op of its day, although bale fire is a lot older] http://paganwiccan.about.com/od/beltanecustomandfolklore/p/The-Bale-Fire.htm

Deucalion said...

..edit, now ive listened, yeah im pretty sure thats he means, and as with 'penny for the guy' the activity can start for days prior to the celebration itself, it literally is just a excuse to go about asking for money the same as trick or treating, an unrelated activity legitimized by association