October 14, 2015

MH17: From Syria to Ukraine, When Lying Catches Up

Considering the lengths the US and its allies have gone through to deceive the world regarding their crimes against the state of Syria, and considering the gain they have already wrought from exploiting the MH17 disaster, one must question the wisdom and reasoning of the West to go through such extraordinary lengths to at best portray Russia and eastern Ukrainian fighters as guilty of accidentally shooting down an airliner flying over an active battlefield it should never have been directed over in the first place.
What is more likely to play out later this month, is that the exhausted credibility of the US and its partners both politically and across the media, will fail to sway public opinion or the facts on the ground in Ukraine in any shape, form or way regardless of the conclusions of the MH17 DSB and JIT investigations. Russia has more than adequately balanced the long-standing monopoly the West has held over the global media space, and will be more than capable of defending itself in that space regardless of the outcome of the investigation.
And since the investigation itself has been so transparently manipulated by the Western media and Western politicians, it is likely the vast majority following this investigation will fail to be swayed by any spin placed on the published conclusions.
We should remember the chemical weapons attack in Syria, where a UN report’s ambiguous conclusions were transformed into an indictment of guilt by the Western media. Even then, that indictment was brushed aside by the vast majority in the public who had long-since lost their faith in the word of the West. Since then, the lies regarding Syria have reached an unprecedented crescendo with Western credibility at an all time low. This absence of credibility in Syria will likely taint whatever efforts the West makes to spin the MH17 report, and attempts to spin the MH17 report will only expand this void of credibility that has opened up in the heart of the Western World.

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