October 14, 2015

Truth on the Tracks with Brandon Turbeville - 10/12/2015

Brandon discusses the possibility that Turkey has shot down a Russian jet, the Syrian crisis, the potential for WW3, and the history of Uyghur terror. Brandon also runs down the list of reasons why Russia cares so much about Syria.

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Deucalion said...

Ib [irritable bowel] times is not a scam site but its really not a trustworthy news source, as is apparent with the cited 'turkey shoots down russian jet' article, it seems to be a full of unconfirmed often contradictory 'click bait' headers and stories, having said that a host of msm sources from the mail to the express also reported the story in a factual manner but based on 'unconfirmed social media' reports. I dont know, make up your own mind on ibt based on how many unconfirmed or sheer clickbait rumour stories they put out that you note.