November 19, 2015

B.C. judge says there’s evidence RCMP may be guilty of knowingly facilitating a terrorist act

VANCOUVER — There is evidence the RCMP broke the law while conducting a high-profile terrorism sting and must hand over confidential legal documents, says a B.C. Supreme Court judge.
Justice Catherine Bruce has not yet ruled whether the RCMP entrapped John Nuttall and Amanda Korody into plotting to blow up the B.C. legislature in 2013, but she said in a ruling released Wednesday that the Mounties may be guilty of knowingly facilitating a terrorist act.
“In my view, the defence have raised at least a prima facie case that the RCMP officers involved in Project Souvenir were engaged in unlawful acts during the undercover operation,” wrote Bruce, referring to the operation by its code name.

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Anonymous said...

I just noticed this story from April, after the Bill-C51 hearings had started.

They have to leak out some information earlier, to minimize damage later.

Here the RCMP is, obviously setting them up to do what they otherwise wouldn't have done themselves.