November 19, 2015

THA Talks Edition 95 November 18, 2015

Nicholas Kollerstrom – Terror Attacks, Hidden Truths & Global Agenda
Nicholas is an English writer and a historian of science. he is the author of several books, including “Gardening and Planting by the Moon”, “Newton’s Forgotten Lunar Theory”, “Crop Circles”, and “Terror on the Tube”. He has also written entries for the Biographical Encyclopedia of Astronomers.

He’s been involved in a variety of issues as a political activist. In 1986 he co-founded the Belgrano Action Group after the sinking of the ARA General Belgrano, and in 2007 he argued that the 77 bombings in London had not been carried out by the men accused.

Nicholas has also had a chapter published in the new ‘Nobody died at Sandy Hook’, edited by Jim Fetzer, this has gained 26 5-star amazon reviews in just the first couple of weeks.


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