December 21, 2015

Ognir's TiU Radio podcast 12/20/2015

Ognir discusses many important things.


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Zeetip said...

Keith Johnson admits to being a Jew, jump to 12:40,

Ognir's past show discussing Johnson's admission to being an snitch:

Deanna on whether "sources" can be trusted:

On Deanna's getting unbearably sick/snivelly/hoarse coincident with her doing SH-ReBunking KOL shows:

Latest at Memoryholeblog: "The Curious Parents of Noah Pozner"

All MHB Sandy Hoax articles:

Zeetip said...

@ larry: While I allow for that possibility, my first guess in the case of Deanna anyways, is that she was bribed/blackmailed/coerced to go to bat for the satanists sometime between her 9/11/13 appearance on Mark Dankof's show, and her 1/15/14 solo show debuting her new role as Sandy Hoax Re-Bunker Key Opinion Leader (KOL).

In this “Spingola Special” recorded on Mar 9 2013 with Andrew S. McGregor, at the top of the interview Spingola says she does not agree with the official story of Sandy Hook… later she goes on to list many of our own objections as her own objections to the jooz' official SH account.

Then as guest on Mark Dankof’s America Sept 11 2013, beginning at 20:30, Deanna & Mark discuss her imminent departure from RBN radio:

~4 months later, 1/15/14, Deanna's Anti-SH-Truth KOL debut show:

Later Deanna described at
"On Tuesday, February 25, 2014, Michael Rivero, who soon left RBN to join the GNC network, announced on his program that Ben Swann, a former Fox News anchor from Ohio, was replacing me on RBN. I was stunned. Later that day, without telling me first, John Stadtmiller, RBN's owner announced my replacement who would begin broadcasting on March 10. This was just a few months after Stadtmiller told me in a telephone conversation that my program had more listeners than the Alex Jones radio show. He graciously offered me a weekly program on Sunday afternoon beginning March 9. Apparently, Dr. Fetzer was prophetic when he claimed that I was losing my listenership! [...]"

^ Notice how Deanna dis-characterized her Feb 25 '14 RBN replacement, the imminence of which was known to her since at least her Sept 11 '13 guest appearance on Dankof's show linked above, as being a stunner to her; clearly inferring that it had something to do with vicious, behind-the-scenes persecution of her by the "hoaxers" /rolleyes. This is discussed in further detail near the bottom of this reply,

So it would appear that Deanna chose to sell her soul to the satanists sometime in the ~4 months between her 9/11/13 Dankof show appearance, and her 1/15/14 show announcing her new role as Anti-SH-Truth KOL.

Zeetip said...

You know, regarding admitted snitch, "reformed conspiracy theorist", & Jew Keith Johnson; it's been over a year now since he promised that he was producing a comprehensive, epic documentary re-bunking of "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook", to be forthcoming soon. KJ promised this epic WNTTASH re-bunking during Deanna's 12/14/14 SH roundtable show, with guests KJ & Anonymous-Wade, shortly after 00:21:30, ref:

Now over a year later, KJ has produced nothing of the sort... what's the hold up?!

Separately, "on a Rolla: A Review of 'Screening Sandy Hook' by Deanna Spingola":

Free PDF of "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook":

air-ono said...

i thought i'd give ol' ognir another listen to but ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh he's un-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-listen-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh-able

i knew i'd regret it and i clicked off after 10 minutes...

admins before you delete this post, tell ognir not to ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh incessantly - i know he's your pet boy and the slightest criticism makes your balls shrivel up and drop off - but you got to tell him he's fucking unbearable

tenx ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

(I really enjoyed his podcasts until he developed this bad habit)

Og said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not much ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can do about it ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh during a ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh monologue


air-ono said...

bulshit ognir - i'm surprised you'd say that

every other host doesn't have that problem

if I didn't give a damn about you, I wouldn't bother asking you to be aware of it and rein it in

it's like someone who says "you know" after every sentence, you know

it's just a bad habit

anyway, thanks for the reply and it's up to you whether you want to redress it - i'm sure i'm not robinson crusoe in this instance

(and believe it or not I am a fan - or once was - and can be again)


Og said...

In this “Spingola Special” recorded on Mar 9 2013 with Andrew S. McGregor, at the top of the interview Spingola says she does not agree with the official story of Sandy Hook… later she goes on to list many of our own objections as her own objections to the jooz' official SH account.

That's a fine piece of research, she actually sounded normal, had tonnes of questions and knew it was a hoax.

So what happened to her, to do a complete 180°?


larry said...

This comment was just deleted:
I believe people like Johnson were inserted in the Jew wise movement early on in anticipation of an event like Sandy hook where the Jewish participation would be blatantly obvious. They could then assert that the event was real and hopefully divert their followers from realizing the overwhelmingly Jewish nature of the hoax. Their reputation as "Jew wise" and being unafraid to proclaim their beliefs would also give them legitimacy in the wider truth movement. It failed miserably due to the sheer incompetence of these Mossad shills.

Scorpio said...

I don't know why that comment was deleted, Larry. Sounds about right to me. My fav. J-actor at SH was that creepy weirdo who went wailing on and on about the kids. Conveniently, he was also an actor who was very active in community theatre productions. Surely, that's just a coincidence.

Scorpio said...

@ air-ono -- I look forward to hearing your first podcast.

Unknown said...

After this attempt to smear Deanna completely I question the entire tooth movement, especially this site. You guys are either as dumb as a box of rocks or agents but it's obvious to me the former

Zeetip said...

Thx Og. I got that nugget in response to a query I posted in a Deanna related discussion at MHB:

*Correction: the Spingola/McGregor show in question was recorded Tue APR 9 2013 as she recites at the top of the show; NOT Mar 9 '13.

So I could really expand the window of time during which Deanna evidently made the decision to go to bat for the satanists re their official SH story, to beginning at that 4/9/13 Spingola/McGregor show where she made her SH story skepticism clear, and ending with her 1/15/14 solo show debuting her new preoccupation as Anti-SH-Truth KOL. I was just assuming that she wouldn't have discussed her imminent RBN departure during the 9/11/13 Dankof show, if she could've known then that she'd later be seeking to dis-characterize her RBN departure as being the result of "hoaxer" machinations.

In between 4/9/13 & 1/15/14, Deanna had only a couple other guests where sandy hoax skepticism was discussed, namely guests "Dr. K" of, and the late Dave McGowan; but Deanna didn't express any overt & unequivocal SH opinion in these shows the way she did in her show with Andrew McGregor.

She DID "foreshadow" her ultimate sandy hoax role in a show on 12/26/13 with guest MCPiper,
where MCP was allowed to bloviate on re his (spook ghost-written?) "False Flags" book, disparaging SH & Boston researchers the whole time followed by fake/forced laughter, to the disturbing coohs of Deanna who would be having her own solo 1/15/14 Anti-SH-Truth KOL show only 3 weeks later (wherein she also maintained that Boston WAS an OBVIOUS HOAX, an "opinion" at stark odds with MCP's official Boston "opinion", LOL).

Incidentally, I pointed to this Mami's thread in this MHB comment thread:

@larry: ^ that also leads to a saved copy of your since-deleted/censored "December 22, 2015 at 3:09 AM" comment,

Scorpio said...

@ Flowers Peaches -- Good, hopefully you will stop posting here as well. Keep 'believing' every word DS and KJ have to say.

Zeetip said...

@ air-ono, re "every other host doesn't have that problem"; I take it you've never listened to Giuliani then?

@ Scorpio, not only was/is Gene Rosen a Screen Actor's Guild registered actor, AND (was?) on the board of Cox Cable of Newtown; he (was?) ALSO a FEMA event participant of some sort prior to Sandy Hoax! :D

@ Flowers Peaches (or whichever of your Consti2tionalist/Aleksa/ExposeSupremacism/Rockclimber/George Jones/Ar Seeus/ETC barnyard of sockpuppets you're modeling for us today); U have nothing of SUBSTANCE to offer us in your blind "defense of Deanna" then? Only a broad brush ad-hom/name-calling attack?? So sad... and so joowey! :'(

Og said...

ah shit, air-bono is/was my buddy Scotty from a long time ago

air-ono said...

wow way to go with the irrelevant defence, scorpio

whether i make my 1st podcast or my 1000th is neither here nor there

all i'm doing is pointing out his bad ahhhh'ing habit - which is a shame as it detracts from the content of his show

(and just between me and you, my podcast would suck - i'm too muddle headed and get tongue tied)

(what i and many others would like to know is when are you going to churn out another poddy - they were great! but if you sneezed every 10 seconds, they'd annoy me and i'd say "dude, don't make any until your hay fever clears up")

both you and ognir have unique voices & talents to communicate, don't squander it

* * *

no zeetip - no comparison - like comparing bb gun with bazooka

* * *

no ognir - i'm not this scotty dude

Og said...

Rockclimber from many years ago then

Amanda said...

I think Zeetip/PatColo was suggesting that FlowersPeaches (not air-ono) was one of Rockclimber's many handles

Christopher Marlowe said...

Vocalized pauses are VERY common among people who are not trained in public speaking. Public speaking courses or clubs (such as Toastmasters) will actually count every sing "uhm" and "ahh" that is made during a speech. In a speaking competition, the judges will use the vocalized pauses to lower the score.

The vocalized pause is made when the speaker continues to speak before he has decided what word he is going to use. It is an unconscious habit. The speaker is often not aware that he is talking, but the audience is often painfully aware.

The simple solution is to stop speaking until the next work appears. What the audience hears is silence. To the speaker, the silence can be more frightening. Perhaps this is why those who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with public speaking create those vocalized pauses: they are filling up the uncomfortable silence with the reassuring sound of their own voice.

The bad habit can be replaced by the better habit through persistence. 1. Be aware the of the problem. 2. Pause when you are thinking of your next sentence. 3. Be persistent.

In time, the pauses will become shorter and might disappear entirely. Without the pauses, the speaker sounds more dynamic, and his thoughts come across more forcefully.

Erik Paul said...

Basically I basically found all those basic oooohs and ahhhhs to be, well, basically annoying. This is just your basic constructive criticism with all due respect.

I think Julie-Annie sounds like Bugs Bunny when he does that ,"aaa-aannyway."

Unknown said...

Sorry to disappoint all of you but not the same person!

Zeetip said...

^ And u can trust him/her/it; coz Flowers-Peaches/Consti2tionalist/Aleksa/ExposeSupremacism/Rockclimber/George-Jones/Ar-Seeus/ETC is a rare joo of HONOR (HONR?), who NEVER LIES, and who ALWAYS tells the TWOOF! No matter which kosher sock they're presenting themself as in any given comment!! /rolleyes

So anyways, I hope that joo of similarly ^ impeccable integrity, keith johnstein, is just putting the finishing touches on his epic new docu he promised us over a year ago now, re-bunking the WNTTASH docu!!

Coz Independent Media Solidarity, the makers of the WNTTASH docu which johnstein promised to comprehensively re-bunk, are already finished with their 2nd docu now,

"‘The Life of Adam’ Official Promo"

Zeetip said...

2 new items: Giuliani interviews "Larry" who I gather is the "larry" who comments here? He's (also?) a part of the "Independent Media Solidarity" group who produced "We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook"; that SH Truth docu which Keith Johnstein is going to be releasing a comprehensive re-bunking of any second now. :D

Next item is Deanna's appearance on Stadtmiller's show yesterday, mostly another Anti-Sandy-Hoax-Truth KOL performance. If you care to suffer though it, go to
and select Dec 22 show.... I prefer to just read Anne B's review at MHB:

"Anne B. says:
December 22, 2015 at 7:30 PM

A Delphi Story.

This afternoon I had the dubious pleasure of listening for two hours to the spin of Deanna Spingola on Republic Broadcasting Network. I was delphied to the floor, almost ready for a bottle of something extra strong.

Ms. SPINgola has a new book out titled “Screening Sandy Hook: Causes and Consequences”. Amazon has 4 reviews, all 5 stars. Not banned yet, not ever. Delphi Deanna took some tepid calls and had the callers almost come over to her side. I could see these guys scratching their heads after getting off the phone with her.

One caller asked where she got her information from for the book. She answered 5% from the police report and the rest from other sources. Then she proceeded to recommend sites to go to for reliable information – sites set up by Sandy Hookers.

She also was adamant that no helicopters came to SH until two hours after the shooting. She claimed it’s not always customary to call for medivacs, but assessed on individual cases. So a mass shooting by a guy strung up on drugs (according to Delphi) does not qualify as a case where medivacs may come in handy? The message in her book is that prescribed drugs are the culprit behind all these people going off on shooting sprees.

Oh, and no drills go on at any schools, not even at high schools according to our Delphi expert. The trauma would be inexcusable. What about St. Rose of Lima School? And Robbie Parker was not acting, he showed the true face of a grieving father. The video was taken out of context according to our expert while she compared Parker to Russell Yates, father of five children who were drowned by the mother. We are told both fathers showed the same stoic faces during unimaginable grief and stress.

Wolfgang Halbig and James Fetzer did not escape Spingola’s wrath and indignation either. Wolfgang especially is a liar after Fetzer set him up to it. So she said.
A caller accused Deanna of practicing the Delphi technique. SPINgola claimed that only provocateurs do that and CNN does it all the time. It takes one to know one.


And a follow-up:

Anne B. says:
December 23, 2015 at 3:16 AM

Forgot to write about the listener who called in to ask why no blood was seen at SHES. Delphi went into shock. No blood? How could he make such a statement? There was blood all over the place, inside and outside the school. Tons of blood. The man did not argue with her. Guess SPINgola never got the memo from Vance – now directing traffic at a local intersection – that he never saw any blood. Perhaps he is color blind, not a good thing for someone who needs to distinguish between red, green and yellow.

Amanda said...

fwiw, the name of that Lenny Pozner network is HONR (not HOPR)
Here's one of their posts that includes a quote from that liar Elie Weasel and compares Sandy Hook truthers to Holohoax deniers

Deanna said...

The situation that I was talking about with Mark Dankoff had to do with RBN joining the Sirius network and RBN's attempt to reach a broader audience. RBN did not remain with Sirius very long due to the cost. The initial issue as I mentioned on Mark's program began in the summer of 2013 when I had Fritz Berg on my program. Mr. Stadtmiller talked to me several times about adjusting my information which was relatively new to RBN. This had nothing to do with the change that Rivero announced on his program on February 25 to be implemented early in March 2014. I was stunned as Mr. Stadtmiller did not talk to me beforehand about this change. Although he had warned me about my broadcasts numerous times, I did not anticipate this change. I called Mr. Stadtmiller after his program and asked him what was going on. I recorded that conversation. I Hosts on RBN come and go for whatever reason. Create some kind of weird conspiracy if you want but that is what happened.

Amanda said...

A little more on Lenny's HONR network here: Great image of Carver and it talks about Lenny trying to get "We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook" censored, but also mentions that "Lenny Pozner" might actually be an alias?

Og said...

Since I see Deanna is around

How long have you known that Johnson was jewish?


larry said...

Cw Wade has the same po box as pozner

Zeetip said...

Deanna @ 1:29 PM: "[...] Hosts on RBN come and go for whatever reason. Create some kind of weird conspiracy if you want but that is what happened."

If your learning on Feb 25 '14 of Stadtmiller's RBN host personnel change decisions, the imminence of which you were well aware of since at least your Sep 11 '13 guest appearance on Dankof's show,
(again: - begin @ 20:30)

...if said Stadtmiller decisions had EVERYTHING to do with internal RBN politics/economics which we can all agree had been percolating since at least your 9/11/13 public discussion with Dankof yet which you nonetheless later described here having "stunned" you; and while there's NO IDENTIFIABLE LINK between Stadtmiller's 2/25/14 announcement re his RBN decisions and your Anti-SH-Truth KOL activism which you began with your 1/15/14 show;

THEN WHY, PRAY TELL, IS THAT FEB 25, 2014 "...RBN's owner announced my replacement" TIMELINE ITEM ON YOUR "...Delphi/Censorship Operation" WEBPAGE WHATSOEVER??

I can identify only 3 other timeline items at your "...Delphi/Censorship Operation" webpage which have NO DIRECT OR ROUNDABOUT (IE Sunstein/Delphi/group-manipulation, and Big-Pharma=bad guests) LINK to your (or Piper's...) Anti-SH-Truth KOL activism, namely:

1. "On Friday, February 14, 2014, AFP fired Michael Collins Piper after he had a confrontation with Elizabeth Carto. MCP had worked for Willis Cartos, the founder of AFP, for thirty-four years. AFP reconsidered and then offered MCP the option of returning but with an 80% cut in pay."

2. "Sunday, March 9, 2014, I began my first weekend program after having a Monday through Friday program on RBN since Monday, November 8, 2010"

3. "On Saturday, May 30, 2015, Michael Collins Piper died at the Budget Saver Motel on Sherman Avenue but may have died prior to that date, according to Coeur d'Alene"

So Deanna, why are the above items in your "...Delphi/Censorship Operation" webpage/timeline, when they have no identifiable connections to either your jewish sandy hoax story, or its skeptics??

Let me take a guess: You hope to sneakily/kosherly/NLP-ishly CONFLATE the above items you've elected to include in your otherwise-SH-related timeline, with the eeevil, underhanded machinations of those of in the sandy hoax research community, who you disparagingly label "HOAXERS" /rolleyes.

Is it true Deanna, that you believe you (and Piper?) are the POISEKUTED VICTIMS™ of the eeevil & underhanded machinations of (sandy) "HOAXERS" ???

Coz that would strike me as a pretty "...weird conspiracy...".

Amanda said...

Og said...

Stalk and threaten Wolfgang Halbig and his family, so that the former state trooper has discontinued his investigation.

that was of November 9th or so

Prof. Tracy fired

Fetzer's book banned

Spingola, johnstein, pozner & wade are responsible for this

I think SH researchers need to look into these 4 very shady characters much more closely.

Follow the money