Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fourth Position # 208 - 2016.08.14


Host: WolfWallStreet/Bob in DC

Review of kikejew tactics. Michael Collins Piper clip on Fred Farrell's view of Stalinism, with brief commentary. Guest Patrick Chouinard self-biography, and a discussion on White Aryan (WARYAN) etiology. Resources: Michael Collins Piper. Francis Parker Yockey: "The World in Flames"  - "What Is Behind The Hanging Of The Eleven Jews In Prague?". Kerry Bolton "Stalin: The Enduring Legacy". Catholic Peter Helland on Cotton Mather. Leon Trotsky "The Revolution Betrayed". WA-J=STARS

Fourth Position


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Sami Ahmed said...

I miss Michael Collins Piper. He was a brave, brilliant historian whose work ought to be on the national history curriculum. He died standing for what was right.