September 25, 2016

Fourth Position # 214 - 2016.09.25



Host: WolfWallStreet/Bob in DC

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Fourth Position



zapoper said...

Get the FLAC version of Beethoven. It doesn't have comments between pieces of music and it's a much higher bitrate. LOL

WWS said...

Understanding the universe through metamathematics and music: Ludvig van Beethoven, leading up to his Missa Solemnis and Symphony #9, expressed it in his "Choral Fantasy" (Opus 80), and later that century Riemannian mathematician Georg Cantor attempted to elucidate it mathematically. He gave it a name: The Transfinite. -- Fantasia in C Minor for Piano, Chorus & Orchestra, Op.80: -- The Stars, or Jews: Your choice!

Hail Victory !!!