September 24, 2016

The Covert Report with Susan Lindauer 2016.09.24

A fascinating conversation with Bill Clinton’s close childhood friend, Dolly Kyle, author of “Hillary, The Other Woman!” Dolly adds a vivid, intimate dimension to Bill’s tortured relationship with the woman he privately called “The Warden”– his wife, Hillary Clinton! This is a provocative story of Bill’s “sex addiction,’ and Hillary’s “enemies list” and vindictive efforts to destroy the women chased by Bill. It’s also a personal examination of Hillary’s power addiction– and critically important today, Dolly’s close observations of Hillary’s growing cognitive impairment, as only a life-long observer could identify. Dolly insists Hillary’s health is in free-fall. There’s so much packed into this interview. Stressing that she’s “no bimbo,” Dolly acknowledges her own affair with Bill Clinton started 15 years after their friendship began as 11 year olds– notably after Bill moved in with Hillary & informed her that his “sex life was over.

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