January 20, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Jack Bauer saves the day!

At approximately 3:33:59 pm Washington DC local time, Jack Bauer was able to disarm a mini nuke under Pennsylvania avenue.

According to Jim Fetzer's sources, it's unclear if the nuke was placed there by the sneaky Russians or by dirty ugly Mooslims. Later tonight, President Trump will visit the Washington branch of the CTU to personally thank Mr Bauer.


1776blues said...

HAHAHAHAHA Classic Zap humor. Wait, isn't the new star of 24 a black man? Would that make him Black Bauer? Sabo, a conservative street artist who hijacks liberals graffitti posted: New Day New Hero

Sabo: The Man Behind Conservative Art Terrorizing the Establishment Takes Us to Hollywood's Streets

Check out his website: http://unsavoryagents.com/

James Simon said...

That's funny