July 02, 2017

Ken O'Keefe On RT CrossTalk 2017 (An Homage To Lindsey LOL)


Voltman said...

That was an excellent example of what NEWS should be, especially when compared to Meanstream Ass Media (MAM) here in the Zionist occupied west(Obviously).

Here, we had the opportunity to witness a well informed host/moderator and 3 very well informed and articulate participants in a civil, respectful and informative debate/discussion.

I had watched it already but watched it again thanks to Zapoper's initiative. Thanks Zapoper!


Feelstupidyet said...

What do you call a guy who tells you what you want to hear and then runs off with your money? A thief.

Voltman said...

Hey stupidyet, Ken O'Keefe didn't run off with my money.

Just because somebody accused him doesn't make him guilty, stupidyet?

Also, he didn't run off: he's still here doing what he does best: cutting through the bullshit and informing people in a concise way.

I strongly suggest that you listen to him and take notes. Listen to his videos over and over and maybe, just maybe, you might resurrect some of your dead neurons and you won't be as stupid. I hope you understand some of it.

Wishing you a quick recovery from the onslaught of hemorrhagic stupiditas,

Daniel Major
O'Kanabec, home of the free

Contemporary Spiritual Plagues...Part Two: Hemorrhagic Stupiditas
By Diane Harvey

Unknown said...

Mr. Voltman, we all know what Kenneth Roy Nichols did, and that he left his wife and children, and ran-off with some bimbo, at the very least, so I think that it is looking like it is YOU who needs to "take some notes", and face-the-reality that a person's CHARACTER, is equally-important to the words that a person speaks...



NB: This is an incredibly-important issue, primarily because we all trusted, respected, supported, and admired, "Ken o'Keefe", until we ALL found-out what kind of PIECE-OF-MOTHER-FUCKING-SHIT Kenneth Roy Nichols, TRULY, is.

Erik Paul said...

So how do we know the fiery son of Erin "ran off with some 'bimbo' (BTW, wouldn't 'bimba' be more grammatically correct?) and left his wife and family? And how does that,if true, affect his information? Hmmmmmmmmm?

BTW Linthy, are you gay?

Voltman said...

Lindsey wrote:

"a person's CHARACTER, is equally-important to the words that a person speaks..."

Does this mean I should disregard all the truth-telling warriors out there until "we all" investigate them thoroughly in order to certify that they meet the required standards pertaining to character?

A good part of Ken's character transpires in the words that he speaks!

I don't know about his personal life and it's none of my business. Maybe there was no love left between him and his wife, maybe she didn't support him or understand him, I don't know. A lot of marriages (and relationships) come to an end when one of the 2 spouses becomes a passionate full-time activist.

A lot of male activists would be thrilled to have a nice young bimba show up and invite them to dance the horizontal samba with her...I know I would be quite tempted especially if there are additional affinities.

Ken knows we're in a war and unlike the US military, HE has properly identified the enemy. Those god damn generals with their fake stripes and stars are disgusting pussies in my eyes. If I had the power, I would smash their useless fucking skulls against the nearest brick wall with glee!!! Ken O'Keefe is a REAL general and in a sane world, more like him would have replaced that sick, worse than useless army of shitheads, bomb freaks, lying hypocrites and "PIECES-OF-MOTHER-FUCKING-SHIT" that passes for the United States military. Fuck these god damn creaps!!!

God damn them to IsraHell!!

They are thoroughly infected with the virus of hemorrhagic stupiditas!

By the way, Linthy, I mean Lindsey, did you check out Diane Harvey's great writing? Or do you need to hire a team of investigators to find out if she has the required "character" before "we all" are allowed to admire and respect her contributions?

Unknown said...

I give-up. You people have proven why our over-lords view common-humanity as "useless-eaters, too stupid to be of any value, other than as slaves-for-the-system".

I have nothing more to say.