August 23, 2017

Blackbird9's Breakfast Club Podcast # 86 - 2017.08.23

Everybody Was Kung Fu Shaming

Welcome to Blackbird9's Breakfast Club's Wednesday Podcast "Everybody Was Kung Fu Shaming". Tonight we will discuss the Kung Fu TV franchise.

In the First Hour Host Frederick C. Blackburn covers the recent chaotic events brought on by the teachings of the Frankfurt School Marxists. Their mission: establish a Greater Israel ruled by globalism under the direction of Talmudic Noahide Law and at the same time force all other nations to surrender their independent sovereignty. At the bottom of the first hour, The Jethro Report. Tonight, Jethro takes on "Shumate's Hill" . . . and plays Transformers as a mobile generator with a chain saw.

In the Second Hour, the host looks at the Kung Fu TV franchise that made its debut in October 1972 starring actor David Carradine. This very successful series was an iconic symbol of the Eastern Martial Arts and Religions crazes in the USA that occurred after World War II in the wake of the US Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 and The US-Vietnam War of 1955-1975. Set in the post US Civil War Wild West, the running plot would pit Eastern versus Western philosophies and racial identity politics against each other in the family living room every week in tales of White People Behaving Badly and because of Karma, getting their butts kicked in the process by a fugitive Buddhist Shaolin Priest wanted for the murder of the Emperor Of China's Royal nephew. . . which he did commit.

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