August 23, 2017

How The Left Does Not Connect The Dots 2017.08.23 (LOL)

Guest: Michael Nigro

Eyewitness to History: Listen to Michael Nigro, Emmy Award winning film-maker, journalist, and social justice activist who was on assignment during the hate incident in Charlottesville, VA and a direct eye witness to the tragedy there, speaking with Alison Rose Levy about the rise of the Alt-Right, the defense of freedoms and diversity, and how journalists must cope with the aftermaths of trauma in the course of their front line coverage.



KnownUnknown said...

Does every lefty in the US sound like a raging homo these days?

zapoper said...

No but this one sure does. LOL

Maasanova said...

lol this faggot is insane.

These people should seriously be put in camps.

coincidenceskeptic said...

There is only one real issue here. Soros as well as any other NGO must pay all the protesters the same wage regardless of which fake political side they represent.
Police are there to minimize coverage from media that are not on the list.
If the scene is completely isolated from intrusion by the general public, actors may be playing the role of police officers.
There are many reasons for creating this kind of staged BS media event. One reason is to make the US look like a much more racist and violent society than it really is... making it more difficult for Americans to criticize the actions of the most racist, intolerant, Pseudo-country on Earth.... Israel.
And that's straight from my Jewish mouth...Take that, Hasbara-barians!

Voltman said...

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"Fellow Hasbara-barians,

We are witnessing a growing herd of goyim with Antisemi-automa-tic tendencies.

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