September 22, 2017

KSCO’s (1080 AM-Santa Cruz) Georgia Peach tackles “White Genocide” (Lindsey called in)

The truth is like water held back by an unmaintained or corrupted dam: the dam ultimately cannot hold back the water and eventually will fail with catastrophic results to those who built the dam and sought to hold the truth back.  At first, the dam springs leaks that are manageable and appear easy to repair.  But with each leak, the internal structure of the dam becomes damages, creating new avenues for water to leak through to the dry external surface.

The truth may rise high enough wherein each case, water is released through the spillway, carefully crafted controlled opposition forces designed to relieve stress on the dam that holds back the truth.  But truth is a force that, like nature, will never be denied.  There is always some force of nature available to overturn the damage caused by those who kill the truth and lay waste to the environment.
Returning to our dam, a leak here springs another leak there, and soon, the dam is leaking and the damage becomes apparent.

We are rapidly reaching this stage in the war being waged by Jewish forces against the West and those forces allied with truth that seek to ensure that the lamp of truth is never extinguished.  Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Jewish owned or aligned with Jewish interests, are now engaging in wholesale digital book burning to try to keep the truth from leaking out.

Now a new leak has sprung, and this one is on a local AM radio station, KSCO 1080 AM, a talk radio station where every Wednesdays and Fridays, host “Georgia Peach” has taken the mantle into the failing, Marxist, decaying governmental and institutional structures that make up the “community” of Santa Cruz, Ca.
Georgia Peach discussed “White Genocide”

The ongoing war against Western civilization has found a new leak in the way of KSCO’s “Georgia Peach”.  KSCO is a Jewish owned radio station serving the Santa Cruz, California, market in an area that is teeming with leftist Marxist totalitarians who have zero interest in allowing free speech and who consistently attack “Nazis”, “anti-Semites”, and whatever opposition to Jewish ideological interests one can imagine.

Following the take down by Marxist’s of the popular O’Mei Restaurant for the “offense” of sending a political donation to American Nationalist David Duke. Georgia Peach appears to have renewed her vigor and has become even more vocal about the Marxist agenda in Santa Cruz, as well as the larger assault on Western civilization and “whites” in general within lands traditional the homeland of “White” people.

This recent show, which aired live on KSCO on Wednesday, Sept. 20, 2017 at 2:00 p.m., was quite remarkable in the candid and open discussion of not just the “war on Whites”, but also in the number of callers quite aware and willing to discuss the “Jewish problem” that underlies the ongoing war against Western civilization.

Considering this segment (edited for listening value) ran on a Jewish owned open air radio station in a ideologically Marxist run town, we only hope that the leaks in the dam continue to spring and that the dam holding back truth fails catastrophically........Dennis Fetcho

This is a direct link to the complete unedited show taken here to avoid DMCA BS trolls.
(Lindsey called in at 28m)

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coincidenceskeptic said...

Bonus at 16:45 - Sam Kinison belts out "Wild Thing" with Billy Idol, Slash, Steven Tyler and Tommy Lee....for only 55 seconds! Ah! Ahh!!

Now...How many of you think it is possible that Kinison and/or Hicks faked their deaths?

Erik Paul said...

LOL! Loved that fake accent!

LOL! Loved that fake accent!

Unknown said...

Mr. Fetcho, I would like to converse with you, via Skype, when you are able.


Unknown said...

This was Mrs. Georgia's show, from this Friday after-noon, September 22, 2107, and Mr. Dennis Fetcho delivers an ABSOLUTELY POWERFUL delivery, beginning at 01:21:30:

The whole show discussed the jewish owner's blatant attack-upon-free-speech, with the callers saying what, absolutely, NEEDED TO BE SAID, and SAID DIRECTLY; however, Mr. Fetcho's call-in to the program far-surpassed ANY other caller, not just because of the power of the words that he spoke, BUT BECAUSE OF HIS SUCCINCT DELIVERY OF NOTHING BUT THE GOD'S-HONEST-TRUTH.

As a reminder, the owner of the station, KSCO, will be on-the-air, on his own program, from 1PM to 3PM, EST, so I VERY STRONGLY-ENCOURAGE YOU, ALL, who are able, to call-in, and let him know what you have to say about his blatant dis-regard for THE TRUTHS AS THEY ARE, not, NECESSARILY, what we, nor he, want(s) those TRUTHS to be.

I very strongly-recommend that you people listen to his program, from last Saturday, so that you can understand how TERRIFIED he is of THE TRUTH about the holyhoax even being MENTIONED, much less discussed at-length, thus, BEING PROVEN, VIA PRIMA-FACIE EVIDENCE, OF THE HOAX/LIE/FRAUD, THAT IT IS SO EASILY-PROVEN TO BE, ONCE THE PRIMA-FACIE EVIDENCE IS SIMPLY PRESENTED:

Again, I iterate, the following file is the station/network-owner's show, from last Saturday, September 16, 2016, in which he RAILS and RAILS and WHINES and PINES and GNASHES-HIS-TEETH, at the very THOUGHT of ANYONE bringing-up ANYTHING AT ALL against the (((holyhoax))), while shit-talking the defamed and demonized owner of O'Mei's Chinese Restaurant, AND OTHERS, whose only "crime" was to KNOW THE TRUTHS AS THEY ARE, and exercising their freedom-of-speech, and freedom-of-donation:

Folks, what is happening at KSCO is as serious, as serious gets, and after listening to his own show, from last Saturday, you will understand, and appreciate, how important this is for us to not ignore, and to LET EVERYONE WE ARE ABLE BECOME AWARE OF THIS OVER-ATTACK UPON THE FREEDOM-OF-SPEECH, AND THE FREEDOM TO TELL THE TRUTHS AS THOSE TRUTHS ARE, Ladies and Gentlemen.


NB: The links that I presented, above, are NOT to the network, itself, but to the streaming-service. THIS link is to the network, itself: , and this is the call-in number: 1.831.479.1080 Again, I iterate, his program will be on, Saturday, September 23, 2017, from 1PM to 3PM, and after you have acquainted yourselves with this CRITICALLY-IMPORTANT SITUATION/ATTACK-UPON-FREE-SPEECH, I IMPLORE you, All, to call-in, and let him know how you people feel.

Unknown said...

In-light of everything that has happened, and IS happening, I feel that it is important that you, all, see the letter that I wrote to the owner of the station, (((michael zwerling))), and to several other key-people at KSCO, in-praise of Mrs. Georgia's program, before I knew ANYTHING about what was happening, behind-the-scenes, against her:

I wanted to let you people at the network know how much I appreciate, and admire, Miss Georgia "Peach" Beardslee, and her program.  It is so encouraging to hear a person on a major network, like KSCO, TELL THE TRUTHS AS THEY ARE, to such a large and varied audience, and to be ALLOWED, by the network, to not "just" exercise-her-freedom-of-speech, but to be able to do it, knowing that she is supported by the broadcaster, and the audience, at-large.

I have only come-to-know of her program, since last Wednesday, but have listened to 10 of her programs--only with her as the host, and not those broadcasts without her present--, and each and every one of those programs of hers were INFORMATION-FILLED, as well as ENTERTAINING, which are the two bed-rocks-of-good-radio, for, without those two attributes, the host will simply not last long, at all!  *smiles seriously*

I was so pleasantly-surprised to hear someone with such an extensive knowledge-base of CRITICALLY-IMPORTANT INFORMATION and OF ISSUES, and you people at KSCO should, truly, think of yourselves as fortunate to have someone like Miss Georgia "Peach" Beardslee on your network, doing a much-needed service of telling people HARD and, often-times, UGLY TRUTHS AS THEY ARE, not, necessarily at all, AS WE WANT THOSE TRUTHS TO BE...

I do look-forward to calling-in to her program, in the very near-future, and contributing what I have learned, over many years acquiring knowledge about the REAL world around me/us, and, hopefully, contributing information of-real-consequence, and -of-importance, just as Miss Georgia does, each and every Wednesday and Friday, on KSCO.

I would sincerely appreciate you forwarding this correspondence to Miss Georgia, herself, as I think that she deserves to know how one of her listeners feels about her program, and about her, as a human-being.  I do consider myself very fortunate to have found her program, because even someone as well-informed as I am, has learned a great deal from her, just in the week, or so, that I have been listening to the archive.

Thank you, and, again, please let her know how I feel.


Unknown said...

For-the-record, I wrote that letter, and sent it, on-the-morning of September 18, 2017.


KnownUnknown said...

Geez you were nervous on the call 😂

Unknown said...

I really, really was; it had been OVER FOUR YEARS, since I had called-in to a radio-program, and I was just so damned out-of-practice, that I was shaking-like-a-leaf, and was so flustered, that my face was beet-red--almost purple!!!


Anyway, PLEASE make sure to listen to the programs, and be sure to call-in, tomorrow, and let the owner of KSCO, on his program, between 1PM and 3PM EST, know how you people feel about his efforts at stifling free-speech, ESPECIALLY threatening to fire THE MAIN PERSON/WOMAN, on his network, TELLING THE VERY HARD AND UGLY TRUTHS THAT DESPERATELY NEED TO BE SAID, AND TO BE HEARD, PARTICULARLY, IN A PLACE LIKE SANTA CRUZ, AND MONTERREY, CALIFORNIA.

Good night, People.


Unknown said...

Mr. Fetcho, et-al, PLEASE go to Mr. Whooli's chat-room, NOW, and read the conversation that I had with Mr. SSI, as Mrs. Georgia's program was on-the-air, today, as there is MUCH more happening, on the owner's program, tomorrow, from 1PM to 3PM EST.

It is , and you can find the chat-room/-box, on the right side of the site.

There is simply too much that was said, and was of critical-importance, for me to repeat it, here, and Mr. Fetcho, you, especially, need to read it, in-totality.

Thank you, ETERNALLY, for calling-in to the program, and saying all that you said, and the jewish owner's program will be between 1PM to 3PM EST, tomorrow, and there are going to be MANY callers, giving-him-a-piece-of-their-minds, over what he is doing against Mrs. Georgia.


Unknown said...

"Last month’s revelations of O’mei owner Roger Grigsby’s support for former KKK leader David Duke sent a chill down the spines of the Chinese restaurant’s biggest fans. Even more so, the news seemed to be a wake-up call to many stunned locals that the kind of racist politics seen in Charlottesville could exist here, within the liberal bubble of Santa Cruz.

That’s local KSCO talk show host Georgia “Peach” Beardslee, who routinely asks questions, like “Why is it that only black people loot in a crisis?”—as she did shortly after Hurricane Harvey on Wednesday, Aug. 30. During that same broadcast, she compared Santa Cruz’s Beach Flats community, a predominantly Latino, low-income neighborhood, to a “third-world country.” She accused Santa Cruz’s entire city government of being run by communists and wished UCSC a “nasty, fast death” for being a “communist school.”

She opened the show by decrying a “white genocide” that she claims many Americans have been simultaneously ignoring and perpetuating.

“Some of you don’t care about your future, the future of your children, the future of this country,” she mused in her opening remarks that afternoon, particularly upset over O’mei’s closure. “Our president is fighting these battles every day, and all you do is demonize him. You don’t seem to care that white people are being replaced. After all, we’re all Americans, so it doesn’t matter that other races will dominate this country built by white Europeans. Everything you enjoy in this world was given to you by the whites, starting with the light bulb. But let’s not honor that. Let’s get rid of that, along with all the statues and monuments that represent white history. In the future, no one will ever know whites walked the earth. And you defend this? You people of other ethnicities defend this because you feel victimized for being born in poor countries, so everything is owed to you? Why don’t you stay or go to your own countries and make them great, instead of sucking off the American people and their hard work, while you turn your country into a third-world hell hole, like the one you ran from.”

Michael Zwerling, owner of right-leaning KSCO (1080 AM), says he sees no problem with Beardslee’s broadcasts, declining to get into the specifics and deferring instead to the Constitution’s First Amendment protections. “Who’s going to be the arbiter of what’s acceptable speech?” he asks.

Columnist Bruce Bratton, who Beardslee calls part of “the Santa Cruz media wing of Antifa,” had never listened to the twice-weekly broadcast before GT called him up. After hearing her Aug. 30 show, Bratton felt troubled—not so much by her personal attacks, as by the worldview that she’s sharing with listeners around the Monterey Bay. “Good Lordy, Lordy,” he says.

“The ethnic-racial divide is something that she’s perpetuating over and over and over again, and talking about how David Duke is such a wonderful-thinking person. And this is someone who is anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish, and was the leader of the Ku Klux Klan. When she stands up for someone like David Duke, that’s really something,” Bratton says.

In the age of fake news, Beardslee and her colleagues have earned a reputation for playing fast and loose with the facts. While defending Duke’s talk of white separatism, for example, she could not say what position the former Klan leader had been running for, just “some seat in the government.” (He was running for the U.S. Senate in Louisiana.) Her co-host Sam Quinten claimed later that week that Grigsby’s donation was made “many, many years ago.” (It was actually made in August of 2016.) Beardslee spreads falsehoods about everything from the history of slavery in America to the antifascist movement."...

It continues, from there, but you people get-the-idea of what that hit-piece-of-an-article did to Mrs. Georgia's reputation, as well as TRYING TO INTIMIDATE, AND FORCE-THE-HAND, OF THE jewish-OWNER, (((michael zwerling))).


Unknown said...

"Radio host Georgia “Peach” Beardslee—a self-proclaimed “racist”—went on a rant via the KSCO (1080 AM) airwaves last week, complaining about the ‘liberal globalist techies’ trying to control everyone’s lives. It was a spiel that began sounding rather routine—for her, anyway.

It was part of a diatribe against GT for what she called a “hit piece” about her twice-weekly show (“Shock Waves,” 9/13). Beardslee also complained on her Sept. 13 broadcast that good news stories have a footnote citing every fact. Soon after that, co-host Sam Quinten chimed in, looking to add something to her point about techie liberals.

“Bill Gates owns all the local newspapers,” Quinten remarked, ironically—although not unsurprisingly—without citing anything whatsoever, “the [Santa Cruz] Sentinel, the [Monterey] Herald, the San Jose Mercury News. And guess what else he owns: Good Times.”

Well, allegations that the Microsoft cofounder suddenly owns GT were honestly news to us. In fact, as anyone who did even the most basic bit of research would learn, GT is locally owned by Nuz, Inc.

We tried checking with Quinten, curious to hear where he got his information. Quinten didn’t get back to us, but we also called KSCO owner Michael Zwerling, who didn’t take kindly to the misinformation that his employee was spreading around.

“That’s real horse shit. That kind of stuff is just not acceptable,” Zwerling said. “Maybe he was confused, but it doesn’t matter. Don’t shoot your mouth off about stuff you don’t know.”

Zwerling, who was listening to the show at the time, says that even he believed the tidbit when he heard it—illustrating, he admits, how easily misinformation can spread. As Zwerling and I talked, he suddenly remembered chatting with GT co-owner Dan Pulcrano nine years ago. As for the Sentinel, Herald and Mercury, they are all owned by Alden Global Capital, a hedge fund that’s squeezing every last penny it can out of media conglomerate Digital First Media. Not local, but still not Bill Gates.

“When other people take it at face value, that’s not good,” he says. “It makes us look not credible.”

Of course, this was not the first controversial on-air moment for Quinten and Beardslee, who frequently whines about “white genocide” and that “white people are being replaced.”

Michael Barkun, a political science professor emeritus for Syracuse University, says openly racist broadcasting is pretty rare for radio—though it’s more common on YouTube channels or other fringe outlets.

“What’s unusual is not the content, but the medium,” says Barkun, who’s authored books on racism and also read GT’s previous story about Beardslee. “The ideas are pretty basic right-wing extremist material.”

Last week, Beardslee, who could not be reached for comment, also invoked conspiracy theories about the Rothschilds, a German family that anti-Semites believe controls the world’s political and banking frameworks, and she openly criticized Zwerling’s Zionist views."...



Unknown said...

Mr. Dennis Fetcho calls-in, and unleashes-a-TRUTH-torrent, at 01:22:30, but the ENTIRE SHOW was worth-your-time to listen, as MANY other excellent callers expressed their out-rage at the OVERT-ATTEMPT-AT-CENSORSHIP, and STIFLING-THE-TRUTH, by the jewish-owner of KSCO, (((michael zwerling))), an admitted STAUNCH zionist-jew, who "will not tolerate anyone even discussing zionism, on his network":

Yeah...this is really happening in The United States of America, People...


Unknown said...


Apparently, "bob tuskin" is NOT, NOT, NOT!!!, his real-name, but his TRUE-name is (((ryan katz))), and if I am wrong, then, PLEASE, Mr. "tuskin", correct me. What I find to be very interesting about the name-change-game, by (((the tribe))), is why would they feel that it is so necessary, EXCEPT THAT they KNOW THAT they HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE, AND THAT their ABILITY TO PULL-SUBVERSIVE-SHIT AGAINST PEOPLE, LOCATIONS, AND GOVERNMENTS, IS MADE MUCH MORE DIFFICULT, WHEN COMMON-HUMANITY CAN RECOGNIZE them, IMMEDIATELY. That has been-the-operation, and been-the-game, FOR MILLENNIA, as we, all, know very well, just from what is known in even "main-stream" history.

Also...after Mr. Fetcho's flipping-of-the-script on the intended entrapment of him, by (((ryan katz))), AKA, "bob tuskin", nothing was ever, REALLY, the same, for (((him))), after that, as many of us whom were around during that period, remember, very, very well.


1melahat said...

You did great Lindsey :-)

Unknown said...

I am, actually, VERY proud of that call-in; whereas, I was not really satisfied with my previous one, due to my brain-fog.


I will say this, publicly, and openly: Whatever (((michael zwerling))) and his dog-and-pony-show call-in "guest", (((glenn fischer))), tried to do to play-good-cop-bad-cop, AND, SIMULTANEOUSLY, RUN-DOWN-THE-CLOCK, TO PREVENT THE MYRIAD-OF-CALLERS FROM FULLY-DEFENDING MRS. GEORGIA, AND FREEDOM-OF-TRUTH-TELLING, AT-LARGE, back-fired, SPECTACULARLY, today, and I do not think that the, POTENTIALLY, HUNDREDS-OF-THOUSANDS, and MINIMALLY, tens-of-thousands, of listeners, are EVER going to think about "some" things, especially some of the people at the network, the same way, again.


blake121666 said...

At what timestamp is Lindey's call-in? I want to hear the "fake accent"

Unknown said...

That is how I speak, (((trolls))).

Learn some fucking respect, but that is not possible, with (((pieces-of-shit))), like yourselves.


blake121666 said...

Where are you in the file, Lindsey? I skipped around and never heard you.

Unknown said...

Mr. Blake, it begins at/around 00:28:10.


Unknown said...

"(212) 450-2000 Call the league office during the week and let them know how you feel! This was on at "Soldier Field"? What a bunch of disrespectful pigs! NFL is going be hurting bad after this week!"

Please call them, and let them know you feel, about the players, AND COACHES, dis-respecting our NATION, and PRESIDENT TRUMP.


NB: I am STILL not a robot.

Unknown said...

Mr. Zapoper, et-al, I appeared, for about 10 minutes, discussing the CRITICAL-IMPORTANCE of "nationalism", in saving our nations, and how ONLY destructive (((multi-culturalism))) is, on KSCO: I appeared at about the 90-minute point, or so.

For-the-record, you really may only want to isolate my call, because the rest of the show had nothing-at-all to do, IN ANY MEANINGFUL WAY, with the critically-important issue that I explained, at-some-length, but is something that "EVERYONE" can benefit-from-hearing.


blake121666 said...

Lindsey starts at the 75 minute mark