November 18, 2017

JFK: a Made for TV Movie?

Was the JFK assassination our very first faked event? Tyrone McCloskey thinks so.

Read his PDF here


coincidenceskeptic said...

Maybe not the first...but absolutely, 100% fake.
You don't have to believe that Jimmy Carter is JFK to see that Ed Chiarini has exposed the herpes of conspiracy hoaxes.
Yow can believe and actually "prove" most of the JFK factoids. But, it was all played out by people who knew each other. All those witnesses that "died" mysteriously...bullshit.
Once you see this hoax for what it is, you'll realize that nearly anything the media focuses on is manufactured.

Unknown said...

It is just too much to read if all he's got is suspicions and inuendos. Can somebody net it all down to a few undeniable bullet points that make his case? And NOT someone's "belief" that such and such means thus and so, but, there is THIS that proves THAT. Such as NOT that the assassins wanted to avoid harming the first lady - recall that the assassin of the Duke of the Austrian empire not only assassinated HIM (and a few of his bodyguards), but also, AND DELIBERATELY, assassinated his wife sitting right there in the car with him. So, his idea that an accidental shooting of the first lady was to be avoided by the assassins at all cost just doesn't hold historical water.

Unless he's got some hard evidence to support his notion, then we can just skip this as being the concoction from somebody's troubled and suspicious mind. We ALL are bothered that this happened in broad daylight on national TV and still, after all this time, our grand and glorious government (with all its fortunes and expert criminal investigators) can't get to the bottom of it. It smells like a rat but none of us can say we know for sure who is, and who is NOT, the rat.

zapoper said...

Ohalahan is an idiot and keeps posting stupid shit.

BTW, what was broadcast on tv was after the fact. The actual murder was never televised live. Get that through your skulls people!

KnownUnknown said...

Fetzer is a psyop - Fauxl isn't a an original beetle - who cares!!! They suck anyway !

Anonymous said...

Hey Zap, you don't have to worry about this "idiot" posting "stupid shit" ever again .. we're done dude.

KnownUnknown said...

"televised live" like anything ever was! Bwaaahaaahaahaa! How stupid do you think we are?

KnownUnknown said...

But the world cup and the superbowl are totally legit? Bwaaahaaahaahaa

KnownUnknown said...

I think I'm done with Rense pimping shit show too. Hey Jeff if you love Hitler so much why don't you ever mention his association with the Muslims? Idiot

Panzerfaust said...

Mami's Bullshit

Og said...

Read This First

This book can be read as a spoof of JFK research or as nonfiction,
your choice. Because none of the radical content of this
book is provable beyond a reasonable doubt, there is no reason to
insist that what is offered is fact. There are some facts included,
but the premise and conclusion herein may seem more like satire
than reasoned speculation

Scorpio said...

JFK is Jimmy Carter - lol.

Negentropic said...


JFK is Jimmy Carter is what Dallas Goldbug pushes. Dallas Goldbug does not equal "media fakery research" in any way. In fact, Goldbug and his "Martin Scorsese's Dad was the Shah of Iran and I can prove it through matching ears" nonsense is persona non grata at almost all media-fakery-wise conspiracy sites.

I don't believe anyone was killed on 9-11 or on any of the major media-promoted post-9-11 "terror events." I think both Christopher Bollyn and Alan Sabrosky are limited hangout shills that dangle the bait of "Israel and Mossad did it" in order to obfuscate with the hook of "it was all done for real exactly as your Jew mainstream media told you, just with different perpetrators," in other words, the media wasn't complicit and was fooled along with the rest of us and only a few top people just "read a script" given to them, without actually participating in running the PsyOp or "event" themselves. Of course, if the false premise is accepted that these events are done for real and only "false-flagged" to some other entity, such as Moslems or "White Supremacists," but not PsyOped entirely from scratch and acted in, then the Media not being fully complicit follows and future media orchestrated PsyOps are protected and continue to have their fear-&-trauma based Psychological effect on the mass subconscious (and the Alex-Jones/Loose-Change/Bollyn/Sabrosky "it was all done for real" fear-mongered audience as well).

Actually even the "Israel did it" is clever obfuscation since most people have been made, through media disinformation, to see Israel as nothing but a tiny country in the middle east, with their "holohoax survivor" population besieged from all sides by Moslems and nothing really powerful.

The fact is vastly powerful Elite Jew International bankers planned it 50 years ahead of time and before even the plans for the WTC complex were even drawn. They did it with lots of help from their non-Jew freemasonic lackeys, freemasonry being more-or-less not much more than Judaism for Gentiles and under their wing, not competing with it. But saying "Elite Jew International Banksters did it" is vague and has its own problems, since most people find it hard to believe that one group of very powerful people lend the interest bearing, i.e., usurious, money supplies of 155 central banked countries, not just the USA, so "Israel did it" becomes the "go-to" mantra for the "Jew-Wise" (from the normie perspective "anti-semitic") factions of "conspiracy theorists." So they can smear and dismiss people such as those who download stuff from Mami's Shit, for instance, very easily as both "anti-semitic" bigots and crazy neo-nutsies-who-only-deserve-an-antifa-baseball-bat-to-the-head, especially with Dukey Dave's greasy triggering-the-KKK face pasted on their websites, and "crazy conspiracy theorist nutjobs." People like former Oracle Broadcasting co-owner Lee Rogers stupidly joining pathetic "Hollywood Nazi" sites like the Daily Dry Fart (who troll themselves more than anyone else, but they're too dumbass and arrogant to realize it) is just the icing on the smear cake.

JFK is just one guy. So was his brother. His son and his fiance being killed in that plane were two people. It's VERY EASY to whack just one guy. Hit him on the head a little too hard and he's dead. Put a little poison in his food (the Bolsheviks supposedly had over 200 chemicals already by 1920 that could whack a person without leaving a trace), etc. Then after you whack him, tell or show the public a lie that serves your interests rather than that of solving the crime and bringing the criminals to justice.

Negentropic said...

(continued . . .)

If JFK was an actor who was simply given a little plastic surgery and a new identity and written out of the "political kabuki" script, then his ENTIRE FAMILY would have to also put on the act for the rest of their lives, and that includes Robert Kennedy's family and JFK Junior's and his finance's family as well. This is not true for other "events" such as 9-11 and Sandy Hook where most of the "victims" never even existed and were created from scratch and only a very sloppy impression was given, through a few traitor/actors such as Bob McIlvaine and that scumbag Willie Rodriguez, that they existed.

What the fake Zapruder film suggests is that Jackie and a few others were "in-on-it" or forced-through-some-arm-twisting-or-threats to be "in-on-it" later when the fake film came out.

In conclusion, nobody knows or can prove how JFK was whacked based on that doctored Jewpruder flick, but it's much more probable that, being just one person, and the Kennedys being lower-level lackeys with a patriarch who supported Hitler, that he was whacked and a PsyOp story sold to the world that would manipulate people into supporting, through powerful feelings triggered by the PsyOp and without clear and logical thinking, power-elite agendas.

Nevertheless, the possibility remains also that they were not whacked and simply written out of the script. But that view would have to first find out what happened to the three guys and the fiance? Did they agree never to see their families ever again? Were they sent to live in some secret but much superior location beyond the South Pole nobody knows about but those idiots who signed the treaty not allowing anyone to explore those regions, etc. All kinds of wild speculations are possible but there is no proof to back it up except "the Zapruder film is fake."

annspinwall4 said...

Scorpio, Zap and others, JFKTV has absolutely nothing to do with JFK being Jimmy Carter...this is not Dallas Goldbug BS. This is a thoughtfully written book that can answer a lot of questions if you can suspend disbelief. It may appear long, but it is actually a fairly quick read. It was originally "published" on Ab's Fakeologist. Nothing can be "proved" but all the gatekeepers (like Fetzer) keep talking about assassination....who killed JFK...was it the mob, the CIA, some faction in Cuba? They continually reinforce the assassination angle. Now we have newly released documents that have people, once again, searching for who killed JFK.

I was 12 years old when this "event" took place. I have spent hours watching documentaries, reading books and waiting for sealed, secret documents to be released. I had hoped to know, in my lifetime, who was behind the "killing" of JFK. Keep in mind, this was an event that spanned the entire weekend....the "murder", the swearing in of LBJ, the viewing of the casket in the Rotunda, the horse drawn carriages, the drums...all the way to lighting the flame at the grave site in Arlington. The nation grieved at the loss of this man and the impact on the nation was profound. The nation was "set-up". Knowing what I know today of hoax events, false flags and psyops I have been able to put my search for the truth to an end. IMHO, JFK was an actor, he played his part and exited stage left.

annspinwall4 said...

Thank you Negentropic...your comment was not posted when I started my comment.

Erik Paul said...

This is some really stupid shit.

coincidenceskeptic said...

It should be said that the JFK Assassination Conspiracy Theory Industry has as much or more to loose than anybody if enough people realize that it never happened.
So, I guess you could say that I agree with the official version in that this was not a conspiracy since no laws were broken and morality is subjective.
The Oligarchy justifies it's use of trauma based behavior modification to control the masses as a necessity. "Moral" in their eyes.

Scorpio said...

Oh and BTW, I'm pretty certain that the photo of JFK lying down in the car is fake. I've read 20+ books on the subject over the years and never saw that picture until a year or two ago. People who believe in this crap haven't spent much time researching the mountains of contradictory evidence.

Scorpio said...

That PDF offers no evidence whatsoever. It's all conjecture and speculation.
I guess all of the JFK researchers for the last 50 years were dupes or actors.
I wasted an hour of my life reading that crap.