November 18, 2017

Max Igan - Surviving the Matrix - Episode 314

Published on Nov 17, 2017


coincidenceskeptic said...

With any hoax event, there is a bottom line... a "knot" in a web of lies that cannot be untied without creating another knot.
Max's attempt to spin the Las Vegas non-incident as real indicates that either he has not seen the footage of the clean up crew the next day - with close ups showing absolutely nothing (the "knot"). Not a drop of blood anywhere....or, just as we have expected about the so called alt-media. It's mostly been co-opted by the same pornographers of fear as the MSM.
I think it's safe to assume that all information needs to stand on it's own. No matter where you get info or how much you respect it's source, assume the possibility that it could be inaccurate.
Don't get lazy. Question literally everything. Then you will see that the real terrorists are the media. And, you will be able to share in one of the things the elite benefit from...freedom from the fear they create to control the masses allows them a clarity of thought above the chaos the deceived dwell in.

zapoper said...

Please explain to me why I should believe anything that comes out of your Jew mouth.

There is no way to figure out who is a "good jew" and who is not.

You guys from the tribe are a very deceptive bunch.

Negentropic said...


He didn't ask you to "believe" anything. He just offered a perspective that bit your cognitive dissonance so hard you had to react like an 12 year old in junior high with silly ad hominems and name calling. He wrote a great little piece there (in fact, I save it to my quotes file) and ad hominems and name-calling is all you got? Why don't you offer your own perspective? I thought this was a "free speech" site where all perspectives were welcome and debated rationally and not some fascist dictatorship like Renegade. I thought that by bringing delcroix back and O'Halahan as a new admin., maybe you had opened your mind up a little bit. Guess I was wrong for the 10th time. You sound like a schizophrenic version of Joe Blow's ghost from 2009. One day you're all interested in media fakery, the next you're calling us all "Jews." Have fun with your little power trips dude. It's really a waste of time posting here.

zapoper said...

coincidenceskeptic is a Jew and that is a fact. He admitted it in another thread.

If I were on a power trip I would have deleted your comment and some posts that other admins publish which I don't agree with.