July 28, 2018

Trump vs Talking Heads


Voltman said...

Same as it ever was
More fool me

Hope was cheap, not anymore
The right to cheat, bought and paid for
The right to lie, to get your pay
Repeat the right words, pronounce the right way

More fool me as cheap as possible
Talk right, sound right, look right
They must be right, right?

Alright Allbright...Was it worth it?
Was Lybia worth destroying too?
Like a standard rotchild infant psychofant
The Hildabeast came, she saw, they died

Obamanations bombing all day, that was OK
Millions traumatized, Billions hypnotized
Trillions embezzled, minions empowered

Q'anon Ball Adelson's Robin Hood phony
Is threatening Iran with a lot of baloney
Bibitte Nutin'Yahoo! is getting lots of money!
They are so very good at making a killing

In actors they trust
Same as it ever was
More fool me

INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Phekkin magic.