July 28, 2018

Saturday Alternative Cartoons 2018.07.28


Voltman said...

"Trump maries Putin in secret Kremlin ceremony"

"Trump gave Putin nuclear launch codes in lieu of ring"

"Putin will move in to Rainbow House shortly"

"Demonrats demand impeachment for 16,666th time"

Now relax, sit back and watch the media libtards blow up in a blazing volcanic eruption of red hot molten bullshit that has festered inside their gutless intestinal tracts since Nine Eleven, since "the assassination(s)", since "the holohoax", since the "Great War", the "Greatest War"... the creation of the "Federal Reservation", since the "Civil War", since the "War of Independence", since the "discovery" of "America", since the snake oil salesmen crawled out of the slime of the deep blue swamp to choke the life out of all that is noble and just.


The Deep Swamp is gurgling with deadly pharmaceuticals, bubbling with fuming petrochemicals and teeming with vicious neoconderthals.

The Deep Swamp is overflowing with the rotten corpses of laughing hildabeasts, rodham rodents, senseless obamanations, psychopunks, mindless drunks and spineless skunks, feasting on the bloated carcasses of oilodon gluttons infested with slithering nuclear snakes, poisonous Komodo Dragons and Trumped-up lizards.

The Deep Swamp is spinning like a hurricane of lying hypocritters swimming in a pool of slimy money monsters.

The Deep Swamp is booming with the thundering sound of hippos stomping and pentagoons galloping across Syria in the wrong direction with their pantaloons ass-backwards.

The Deep Swamp is oozing with rabid zio-zombies and exploding with seditious, traitorous tyrannosaurs and rotten children from the Rothschild empire of usury, misery and tyranny.

Voltman Plutonymus Rex

Voltman said...

"As YouTube and other tech giants continue to accelerate their malicious silencing of independent media voices, the mass exodus away from globalist-controlled platforms will only accelerate, leading to the rapid growth of alternative platforms like REAL.video, which is already capable of serving one billion video views per month.

Censored.news is also serving as a popular alternative to Google News."


Who owns and runs REAL.video?
You wouldn't find out by going to their "About Us" webpage...:

There's no list of names of directors, decision makers, etc...
A lot of boasting with the distinct smell of corporate bullshit...
Slogans like "Watch the data" and "we can do better" are supposed to lure us to the promised land at the end of the rainbow.

Success is a pot of gold and a whole lot of cash.

I pick up the distinctive aroma of fraudulent federal reserve debt notes burning in the hell fires of exploding war machine heads begging for more and more cashisch.

Back to the article:

"Although REAL.video is just getting started, in the last 7 days, it served over 600,000 video minutes to end users. See the newest videos, updated every few minutes, at this link. Request your own video channel (it’s free) at this invitation link.

Watch the following video from SGT Report for more details about the incredible censorship underway right now across the ‘net."

"Evil tech giants like YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter have been ramping up their censorship purge of pro-liberty voices in a blatant effort to commit massive election fraud in the 2018 mid-terms. By silencing all political opponents of Democrats, left-leaning tech companies hope they can censor their way to election victory."

YouTube terminates SGT Report channel to silence the truth.

By Mike Adams on July 28, 2018

Voltman said...

I found it:

Board of Directors of REAL.video:

Jeff Ray: CEO
He worked for Ellucian, Ventyx (acquired by ABB), DS SolidWorks, Progress Software, Compuware, and IBM.

Tom Wheeler:
"Tom served as the Chairman of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) from 2013 to 2017, and immediately prior to this appointment served on President Obama’s Intelligence Advisory Board."

Neil Lieberman: CMO
Most recently, he served as the Chief Marketing Officer for VFA, a provider of cloud-based facilities capital planning software and services. Previously, as the Executive Director of Unified Communications at AT&T, Mr. Lieberman led the development and launch of the company's first cloud-based communications service. Prior to AT&T, he served as the Vice President of Marketing at Interwise, where he drove revenue growth and strategic partnerships that led to the company's acquisition by AT&T.

Robert Noreck: "He has more than 20 years of financial experience in a wide range of of technology and software companies. He joined Brightcove in 2011."

A bunch of others can be found here: