July 17, 2018

The Brian Ruhe Show 2018.07.17

Brian Ruhe is the host of, "The Brian Ruhe Show" on YouTube and on Revolution Radio. He and his guests tackle issues of Jewish, Rothschild, Zionist, Talmudic power in the world and discuss spiritual perspectives as well. Based in Vancouver Canada, Brian is a former Buddhist monk and has worked for 20 years as a Theravada Buddhist and meditation teacher. Due to his political views, the Jews at B'nai Brith got him fired from teaching in 2015. Brian has over 1700 YouTube videos and is the author of two books.

Hour 1 - Guest, Alfred Lambremont Webre (The Anunaki Reptilian Jesuit NWO NAZI Jew) and MORE!!!
Hour 2 - Guest, Alfred Lambremont Webre

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KnownUnknown said...

Well I could only stomach that for about about 5 minutes...

I expect this guy will be on Rense ASAP

Ancient Soul said...

Mr. Webre has not mentioned pedophilia as a huge commodity on this planet in addition to arms and drugs; pedophilia is perhaps the biggest. Interesting interview, thanks! Looking forward to seeing you on YouTube again. You may want to try real.video to upload on instead, I think it's free.

Ancient Soul said...

Please post a link as soon as we can get video, I would like to see Mr. Webre's slides. Thanks again